How much it costs to collect the child in school in 2017

Very soon in schoolyards will ring the first call and will begin the new school year. This means that parents have less than a month in order to properly equip his favorite child to school. “Today” figured out how much it will cost online purchase of all necessary, and how to buy school supplies cheaper.

WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE. According to research analysts online store for “Today” (see infographic), the average purchase of the necessary school supplies this year will cost parents 2539 hryvnia for girls and 2403 of the hryvnia for a boy. For the same set, but much higher quality, parents will have to pay UAH 5520 for girls and 5347 UAH for schoolchildren.

Most of all this year rose sneakers, school bags and backpacks. Thus, the average price of sports shoes now up to 30 hryvnia — if in 2016 the price was 383 UAH, while this year’s 413 UAH. And more expensive school bags and backpacks — their average price has risen by 40 UAH, and now it is UAH 306. Cheaper than a set of pencils in 2016 on average, they cost 64 UAH to UAH 56. In addition, slightly decreased the price on the pants for girls — from 269 to 261 hryvnia. But in General, the price of school kit in comparison with last year increased by about 7%.

HOW TO SAVE MONEY. To save money on school uniforms, some parents needed to purchase student things in advance, such as winter. At this time the demand for them is low, but because school supplies can be purchased at a significant discount.

Other enterprising parents don’t forget about saving even when on holiday abroad. “All right for school your child, I bought in the Czech hypermarket in spring during the holidays and stationery, and clothes. Almost all bought from local production, but very high quality and inexpensive. For example, for a great backpack paid a total of 240 hryvnia, and about the same for me” — shared with us Svetlana Semenko. However, as practice shows, to order things from other countries (especially the far) not very profitable — the price of a decent “grows” because of the high shipping cost.

Those who have not traveled abroad and had failed to solve the school question in advance, experts advise to take advantage of the marketplace — the special online sites where you can compare the prices from different online stores. “So you can save some money, it is possible to compare positions and to find the thing with the most favorable price. In addition, many sellers run sales and promotions in August,” — told us the head of online market Viktor Kirichenko.

In addition, a good solution for frugal Ukrainians not for the first year is the wholesale purchase of school supplies from the manufacturer. “In a parallel class the parent Council have ordered blouses and shirts children directly from Ukrainian factory. One person went a funny price is 70 UAH”, — told us Alice Velichkov from Kramatorsk.