Excess belly fat is deadly – scientists

Many people know that being overweight increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer. Now, the scientists said, which leads to excess belly fat, writes “Orthodox”.

Doctors are concerned and sounding a real alarm. According to them, it’s not enough to follow the body mass index using calculations based on indices of height and weight.

Doctors often hear their patients do not agree with the medical report, arguing that they are not thick.

However, recent studies show that more than 15,000 persons have a mortality risk two times more than those who are obese.

If women have the same tendency of uneven distribution of the fat, they increase the risk of mortality by 1.5 times.

Earlier studies have shown that an increased ratio of abdominal to hip size leads to diabetes, strokes and coronary heart disease. Now scientists have proven about the risk of death.