Energy: Moving coal from the Donbass – is not trade with the occupied territories

The movement of coal from Donbass is not a trade with the occupied territories, as it is produced at Ukrainian mines by the miners, was registered in Ukraine. About that today at the briefing said the Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik, reports LigaBusinessInform.

“Moving coal from the area ATO is not a sale that comes from these territories. As a rule, today all thermal generation are private. In state ownership remained only a group of Centrenergo. The Ministry has no influence on the operating activities of the generating companies. The movement of goods is regulated by the legal documents adopted still in 2014. Anthracite coal shipped from the zone ATO, produced at Ukrainian mines, was on Ukrainian territory,” he said, noting that about 50 thousand miners working in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass are registered in Ukraine.

“The blockade of the movement of anthracite coal from ATO zone should not be resolved by the law of force, and the force of law,” added Nasalik.

As reported, activists in uniform and members of Parliament have blocked a few Railways with the uncontrolled territory of Donbass. As of 7 February 11 is the day of the siege. The Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against the participants of the blockade, because their actions are illegal.

Note that the blockade will inevitably lead not only to rolling blackouts, but also to the shortfall in the budget. Alternative – coal from Russia. The purchase of coal in Russia is possible only for the currency at a high price that will inevitably lead to the growth rate. Moreover, the blockade is a priori illegal and undermines the investment climate of the country, and this is not a short-term problem for the country, and the damage for years. In the end, Russia wins, Ukraine will lose.