Obama in panic

The outgoing President is trying to perpetuate the results of its operations and podlekareva own reputation.

In fact, the President originally, Barack Obama promised to his successor the most seamless transfer of power in history.

In the first days (after the election trump) held a meeting in the oval office, the outgoing President played the role of man, able dostoyano to lose, and Donald trump acted as a respectful successor.

But three weeks before the trump and Obama will go on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington to the scepter passed from hand to hand, the idea of a hassle-free change of government was almost on the verge of collapse.

In fact, President Obama clearly changed its strategy towards its successor, to such an extent that it resembles a panic just before leaving. Partially Obama is trying to lay anti-personnel mines around some of the results of his political activities, partly to ensure that the next popularly elected President would have to fall, in part in order to tweak their posthumous fame.

Conservation area

Recently, Obama made two large areas in Utah and Nevada in the number of so-called national monuments. This means that the plans of construction of pipelines, development of large-scale cattle breeding or other commercial use of these territories shelved, and the new President traditionally to reverse this decision can not.

The same applies to Obama’s decision on the protection of a large territory in the Arctic, this is contrary to the promises of trump to make it possible to continue drilling in the Arctic. Obama step by step tries to insert Donald Trump spoke in the wheel.

But the most remarkable result occurred in the UN Security Council, where the United States — surprisingly — not vetoed criticism of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories.

This is a significant change of course: the Usual US position is that the construction of settlements, of course, that’s reprehensible, but the correct solution is at the negotiating table and not in the curses and the UN resolutions. And, frankly, a bit pathetic: after eight years, the actual lull in the peace talks, which Obama has not focused much of his political energy, he’s suddenly so bothered them on the way to retirement.

The center of attention — a ballad with Israel

Donald trump reacted to the unprecedented direct intervention in the international game. The President-elect persuaded, by the voice of Israel, his friend, the Egyptian dictator Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, to postpone the adoption of the resolution.

In fact, foreign ballad with Israel was the center of attention and when he Obama was president elect — that is elected, but not sworn in eight years ago. Then the Israelis started the war in the Gaza strip to end rocket attacks. Obama refused to take a position on this issue, referring to then-President George W. Bush.

“I insist that especially in foreign policy it should be strongly emphasized that we cannot have two presidents at the same time,” said Obama at a press conference.

“Currently, there are very difficult negotiations, and we can’t have two American voices, when the stake is so much,” he said.

Of course, in principle this is a very correct view, but then in addition, it was very comfortable for Obama, who thus escaped the need to take a stand against the war that Israel has so conveniently made prior to his taking office.

But now Obama at least substantially violates the Convention by a radical change in foreign policy of the United States — just before his own resignation.

Obama’s maneuvers are not easy to understand

With regard to the net policy and strategy, Obama’s maneuvers in the UN is difficult to understand. They mobilize supporters trump to resist and make a split in the ranks of the Democrats. “It’s extremely frustrating, it’s disappointing and surprising,” says Chuck Shumer (Chuck Schumer), the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Obama’s new course.

The fact that Obama did not veto might among other things lead to the fact that the course change will be supported. Trump thinking — even if symbolically — to move the U.S. Embassy from tel Aviv to the disputed city of Jerusalem.

If you follow the logic, then the resolution is another signal that trump will not be able to change. So. If presidential elections were won by Hillary Clinton, the United States, in all likelihood, as usual, exercised its right of veto.

The impression that Obama and his administration are only now digesting the election results and realized that soon will be calling the shots not them. And that the one who will replace, not only is an amendment to the course, but radical change. It also means that Obama needs to change the way in which he will leave the White house.

“If the elections were won by Hillary Clinton, I could just hand over the keys. We just made sure that the papers are in order, and then I would just disappear. In the current situation, I think, I have to give advice to those who will continue as the elected representatives of the people,” said Obama field elections in an interview with The New Yorker.

Trump was offended

Tellingly, Donald trump seriously offended, only when Obama in a radio programme Axe Files said that he could beat trump in the election.

“Doing everything possible not to take into account the numerous provocative statements and obstacles from the “President’s”. This was supposed to be a smooth transition. No!” — trump wrote on his Twitter page.

Obama also thought that the transfer of power will take place without any problems. To Hillary Clinton, who could perpetuate the results of his political activities and to ensure him a place in the political Parthenon, USA. Or, at least, to the traditional Republican, which, perhaps, would have passed a little bit ago, but still would have left other parts of his political heritage intact.

Now Obama has acknowledged that the election trump invalidates the common practice and General rule. And so he himself does not want to play by these rules.