Who will win in France on behalf of Russia?

Of course, not every man, devoid of imagination, killer, but every killer is a man without imagination. That’s why murder, besides the fact that this is a heinous crime, it is also an extreme form of simulation of the imagination. Think about it, when guess why people didn’t try to kill all Stalins and Hitlers, even after they exterminated millions of people. Just people with no imagination went into the service, and people with imagination and can to succeed.

And the imagination of modern people is necessary. Twenty years ago, popular in those years, the philosopher Dmitry Galkovsky was published on the cover of the magazine “the Broken compass” is a wonderful cartoon. Her silhouette of France was superimposed on a map of European Russia. In place of Paris there was Moscow, where the eyes expected to see Lyon, was Kaluga, in place of the Dijon — Ryazan, and all the Russian people there is a mixed feeling of terrible distress, but some buzz from the simplicity of the sudden transformation in Western Europe. Galkovsky ridiculed so Pro-Western thinkers, the damn thing does not understand the true motives and the vastness of Russian thought. And the expression “cognitive dissonance” in fashion then still not logged in.

Since the masses stopped reading the magazines, but continue to watch TV. And here, too, in small colored boxes stuffed full complexity of the world. For example, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin takes Moscow and the French nationalist MEP marine Le Pen. Demonstrative response from on two charges: that the threat of those who see Le Pen kept woman of Russia, hoping to destroy the EU; and it is a mockery to those who accuse the Russian secret services in the attacks. Well, in fact, why do we have cyber attacks, if so simple can be arranged through the official news on all channels. “If anyone loves me, follow me!”

How it will affect French voters, it is difficult to say, although it is said that people, they say, is everywhere the same structure. Because if a few clowns managed to push Brakcet pragmatic British, it is expansive French will not be able to push almost into the arms of the present government? The Frenchman, the well-known case, the obstinate frog, but why not try?

To its former and current citizens in the Russian Federation is treated without sentimentality: people without imagination it is important to simplify the political landscape. But with Western leaders still stand on ceremony. Here are Gerard Depardieu, for example, got citizenship, and the apartment, well, we couldn’t make it left — the artist, after all. But try cost? Cost. The popularity and charm of this pepper are such that any damage to relations between the two countries this Grozny-Syktyvkar entreprise is not caused.

But try to imagine something more complex. What polls does not hold, because the parties know too little of each other. But the more interesting imagination. Who would choose the French, if they have in the presidential race was attended by Russian politicians? Who chose the Russians would, if I had to pick its President from the French ammo? Since the elections are coming in France, let’s try to guess first, what the French wanted the Russians in the great political Depardieu. If Paris Moscow and Avignon — Voronezh.

To begin, probably, have, with marine Le Pen. At all desire in today’s Russia, women have no political chance. We now have the weather masculine-chauvinist, so marine Le Pen I would have more five percent is not given. Would not have received much support and left. Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Benoit Amon would split the vote zyuganovites, getting 11-12%.

In the choice between Emmanuel Macron and françois Fillon would be won by the one that the Russians would consider it more furtive. After all, in Russia believe honesty hypocrisy, or mediascreen corruption. People quietly require proof that the thief in the high post, takes only what is necessary under the status. Well, maybe a little more because the impudence — the second happiness. So visit is possible, the chances would be higher than that of Macron. So in the first round, come the presidential elections in Russia with the French candidates, and would get him and Fillon twenty percent of the votes. But thirty plus forty equals seventy.

And who of the candidates would be courted in the first round, thirty percent of the votes of the Russians? Yes, there he is — the leader of the group “get Up, France!” Nicolas DuPont-Aignan. One of the main points in his program — termination “pseudo-cold war” and the restoration of friendly relations with the Russian Federation. Our people. On the second round does not make. Everything will decide our Russian administrative resource. How to decide a school teacher in commissions, so be it. Neither DuPont-Aignan nor the Makron with Fillon or Jean-Luc Mélenchon with Amon this and do not know. Only a truly marine Le Pen, experienced a spokeswoman for the eurosceptics in the Euro Parliament, certainly knows how we got it all arranged. No wonder that her loans were given.

Well, with the French in the Russian theater of political action, we decided. Who do the French, if they are there, in Paris, on the ballot were the names of Russian political figures? The list we have, by the way, is not much shorter.

Zyuganov is due to the presence of the combustible mixture from the Orthodoxy of Leninism-Stalinism in its political blood — would get the voices of the extreme right and extreme-left. Three percent. Zhirinovsky would take the votes of Le Pen and another small Trotskyist party — purely for fun. It is six to seven percent. The votes of Le Pen and Fillon took would definitely Vladimir Putin himself. Well, seven. The same would Yavlinsky and Navalny. Why so little Bulk? Yes, not enough, just it will have to take the Minister of internal Affairs of the winner. What have we got? Thirty percent of all living the so-called politicians. Therefore, won the elections by someone else? But who? To whom do we send from Russia to elections in France in 2017 to probably won?

You know, in a country where not investigated the political killings perpetrated by the walls of the Kremlin, killed for their political ambitions rightly ought to remain on the list. As the current policy beacons. Galina Starovoitova and Sergei Yushenkov, for example. That’s why the winner of the presidential elections in France, if any, held with the participation of Russian political yoke, would, according to my calculations, Boris Nemtsov.

However, since this is impossible, our imagination is adjourned.