Scientists have found that it does not allow the fat to lose weight

Scientists from the National Institute of health, experimenting on mice, one group of animals was fed a fatty food and the other healthy. Gradually mouse from the first group were, as expected, to move much less.

Scientists noticed that the decrease in activity occurred long before the mouse got fat. To understand why, the researchers tested in mice the brain levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine, called neurotransmitters of pleasure. This substance enables you to get pleasure from the action we perform.

It turned out that Tolstaya mice the content of one of the varieties of dopamine D2 strongly reduced. It does not affect the weight gain, but the rodent loses all the pleasure of movement. Roughly the same, scientists believe, happens with fat people.

When we gain weight, our brain simply does not allow us to make additional motion. Need a strong will to defeat the biochemistry of our own brain and decide for weight loss.