“LC”. Who is Russia?

The attitude to Russia in the “Republic” — is quite ambiguous.


The official position of “authorities” known in polite awe and appreciation of all that makes Russia: humanitarian aid, assistance in treatment, construction, restoration. I would even say that this is some kind of awe, when it comes, say with a gasp and a shiver.


But this is about the official position. About Russia all the time saying, as if slightly reverance — circus helped to repair, children were taken for rehabilitation and so on. If it was not about that at all, but casually mentioned with a half bow: “who is helping Russia, who mends — Russia, who is always there — Russia”.


Inside of the “Republic” mood — a few others. Pensioners disappointment: was expecting a completely different, much more than food assistance. Everyone has a relative in Russia, who openly voiced by the sum of the Russian pension that exceeds local. While complaining that not enough… And the prices are the same, we have that in Russian, and it is also not enough. How so? We do not have enough, but we live (if you can call it that), and they have pensions, and higher salaries four to five and even ten times, and they say they barely make ends meet.


They say that the lion’s share of their incomes diminish utility bills — here we have nothing to cover, we have in the winter months, the communal goes a little more than half of the pension (if it is to heat moderately sparingly, with the boiler). Still, the offense — why? Them to ten thousand pensions, and to us two thousand rubles, and live as you want.


Our pensioners in the majority of look like individuals residing below the poverty line and do not hide it. Clothes, as they say now, before the war. Only in appearance it is unclear to which war purchased — this or the First world. Shoes with the broken heels, the darned old things. In this everyone will look older and unhappy.


My cousin came to us in boots “cast-off” — who gave, as almost everyone now. These old shoes that probably this is not the first of their life… But the paradox is different: they are on the smaller size which is my cousin, but she quite sensibly says that you can wear them once a week, and then “his feet will rest and go.” That is her if it hurts to wear little shoes, then she sees it out for yourself — buy something she still can’t. Was hoping to buy those 1500 rubles owed to all pensioners whose monthly income below 3,000 rubles per person, but the money ate public debt. And to make these fifteen hundred, need to go hell in queues with dozens of references.


And yet for all this trappings of old clothes-man drops. For me it was also a revelation. When it becomes don’t care how you look, what go, what impression can produce is more important than other issues more urgent is the issue of buying products. Even though this is not important — it is important to make ends meet.

Yes, the attitude. In talking to transport someone says about Russia with gratitude helps us. Moreover, if you understand what exactly it helps this particular person of anything. Assistance was given twice in 2014, that is, neither he nor his family is richer from this help did not become. And all other replicas of appreciation — the result of the local media about the tons of humanitarian aid, which comes to us and dissolves further into the unknown.


Russia is perceived weird. You are going to Russia for big money to come back, at least for some time to live normally here and solve at least some issues to fix something, to build something. But anyone going? And, in fact, who do we call? Road builders, workers in greenhouses with accommodation, barns builders seven days a week…


Among my neighbors such stories of journeys to work — the darkness. One lived in the gazebo with Oct under cover to keep the rain did not flow. Ate the pasta noodles. Waiting for the money — like, promised to give. Not given, deceived, the neighbor returned. Another neighbor built a hospital in St. Petersburg. Slept in the same place and built. The working day is 14 hours. Seven days a week. The city is not seen at all. Could take a day off and see Peter, but off for him. So my neighbour Peter not saw considered it inappropriate to steal from the family. Another neighbor a month built barns somewhere in Russia. Seven days a week, with two meals. Brought home 25,000 rubles. Like unskilled labor, so little, and minus the nutrition.


And these neighbors-the builders say that they need it just to much work and not enough to get, and often they do not pay. There are of course other examples. Someone came back with the car from Russia. Old used car. But I don’t. These guys had a strange reputation. That is, until they lived in Lugansk, they did not work and lived on pennies, and from Russia came back with the machine — the talent in them is that it has opened there? But for the street this story is an example of what it is necessary to go to Moscow, because someone did.


Another strange touch — citizenship. Hell you get it. How much force must be applied and money… And time! And what are you left with? The housing here, it must be paid. Relatives here. But citizenship there.


I asked this question to friends: “What’s next? Life in a rented apartment to live in Russia?” My friends are the optimistic type, not the worst option to take shelter. But from the experience of those who have returned to live where there is no one of their — very hard. To go for a walk at weekends in the big city — not. Because on account of every ruble, which has earned great difficulty, and walk-in guests ever.


Counter — school for children education. Well, maybe. I listened to what the guys with the local certificates are not welcome in Russia. And local diplomas of higher education are also not welcome. And it is also a touch about who to Savior or tempter. It is clear without filters, who “combs” for more than two years our army who imports weapons, vehicles, teaches and requires someone with a Russian accent ordered a pizza delivery to the rooms or kebab with taxi drivers, and on weekends looking for local fat in the markets… Who is the most money here now — I know.


From this respect. Different, strange. And not at all reverent, like someone might think.