Ukraine is preparing to block sites

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed the Cabinet to develop a bill that will provide for the blocking of Internet sites by court order. This is stated in the text of the decree of the President No. 32 of 13 February about the introduction of the NSDC decision “On threats to cyber security of state and urgent measures for their neutralization” of December 29, 2016, reports.

The President also instructed the Cabinet to approve the minutes of the joint actions of subjects of cyber security, objects of critical information infrastructure while identifying prevention and termination of cyber attacks and cyber incidents, as well as in eliminating their consequences.

In addition, the government together with the SBU tasked to prepare proposals on the restriction of the use of the critical infrastructure, software and telecommunications equipment produced in Russia.
Also in the decision of the Council contains two secret points.

The draft resolution on the blocking of sites by the decision of the court must come to the Verkhovna Rada for three months.

As reported, Ukraine has decided peresmotrit policy cyber security after cyber attacks on the Russian server the main Kiev airport.

Recall that the CIA suspects Russian hackers in the cyber attack on the Ukrainian grid, which occurred on the 23rd of December 2015 and led to power outages in several regions of the country.