Ukrainians are fed poor quality food

Ukrainians unhappy with quality of food. In 2016 they sent to the state foods and consumer service about 540 complaints about food products. The state foods and consumer service, in turn, assured that the audit schedule for this year has already been compiled and market surveillance, including spot checks will continue. Experts explain whether the total test removed from the shelves of low-quality products, and what kinds of food are often sold already corrupted, writes UBR.

Although the legal share of the grocery market is more than illegal, and manufacturers began increasingly to indicate the actual composition of their products, buyers still run the risk to stumble on low-quality goods not only at small grocery stores and markets, but in large hypermarkets.

“Sin” almost all the vendors. Special attention should be paid to “the confectionaries” — not always clear how the price is formed and what actually made the product. And the shelf life of the product is very limited,” said CEO of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

As told Deputy Chairman of NGO “Public control consumer rights protection” Olga Kotikova, socially important goods is also often not consistent with the manufacturer quality. Dairy products, meat, sausages, fish, cereals, etc. are Not always good and the alcohol. Moreover, most counterfeit sold on the market, including natural and fairs.

In order to tell a quality product or not, inspectors need to conduct his examination. But in Ukraine the last couple of years the moratorium on planned inspections. Plus long was the reorganization of Rospotrebsoyuz.

Moratorium on inspections of businesses, in particular, in the sphere of realization of food products, triggered the dominance of poor quality food on store shelves, says Alexey Doroshenko. The expert doubts that in the near future expect mass detections to regulatory agencies low-quality goods in shops and markets.

“On inspection, according to law, it is necessary to warn in advance. Therefore, the seller can fix all the bugs before verification. In the case of markets more difficult. Need to know the exact legal address of the seller to send notice of the inspection, but in fact there may not be anyone,” — said Doroshenko.

However, as rasskazal the state foods and consumer service, the business entity has full right not to allow officials of state supervision bodies to implement the planned activities in the event of failure of notification.

At the same time decide on the frequency of planned inspections is made according to the degree of “riskiness” of products of an enterprise. So, subjects with a high degree of risk can be checked not more often than once in two years. Those classified as high degree — not more often than once in three years. And with little risk — not more often than once in five years.

As for unplanned inspections, which cannot be initiated without the complaint of the victim client.

“The reason for unscheduled events is the treatment of one or more individuals with a complaint about a violation that caused harm to the rights, legitimate interests, life or health, the environment or security of the state, with the addition of documents or copies that prove such a violation,” — said the acting head of state Gospodarevskaya Natalia Asaturova.

Recall that such limitation on the test business in Ukraine introduced in the framework of the fight against corruption and “terror” with the regulatory authorities.