Students from Syria, like the Russian soldiers?

Russian propaganda is very resourceful and is now used even by young sirikari who are studying in Moscow. Organization “Russian Union of youth” with the direct financial support of the Foundation of President Vladimir Putin has released a calendar where photographed are Syrian in Russian costumes. Girls of praise for the Russian soldiers fighting in their country. Here are all the texts — fiction, and are Syrian to complain about.

The calendar is called “From Syria with love” and is equipped with a subtitle “Russian officers from Syrian girls”. It was published on December 15. But as it turned out, all the texts that are attributed to young saricam the photographs, fictional. Posing in the calendar is not those women who are in this war-torn country, and students from Moscow, although originally they were from Syria. However, all of them dressed in the ancient style.

Some phrases attributed to saricam really just immoral. When the calendar recently “got” social networking to Syria, he demanded that there is the disapproval because it is perceived as praise of the Russian military operations. And the photos — only those women who support the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. However, countrymen condemn them.

Because some girls, according to the calendar, a native of Aleppo, where in the last five years, people die from the endless bombing and shelling, phrases that in the mouth women put the Russians, they sound disgusting.

For example, Fatima, a girl Jul, supposedly originally from Aleppo said, “at least for a Moment to see you.” Apparently, on the MiG which regularly bombards the city.

Another woman from Aleppo, Mar girl Sep, asks: “do You remember how we met?” How could she get acquainted with a Russian officer?

Girl Aug allegedly Camile, assures us that “the Fate of my Palmyra is in your hands”. Now Palmyra is in the hands of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.).

After criticism from Syria women photos said that nobody warned them of the phrases that will be provided to their pictures. Supposedly the girls were shocked by the words and consider them stupid. When they saw the photo captions, it is demanded to remove them, but this was not done. There was also the information that some girls want to go to court. What would be the content of the claim is unclear, because itself for a photo session the women agreed.

However, the project Manager Maria Aleshin claims not to care, and, as she said in an interview with the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the calendars will be sent to Russian military personnel in Syria.

The project organizers themselves released information that a strange calendar was financed by the presidential Fund.