Le Point (France): investigators have suspicions about the forgery of documents during the arrest Pavlensky

It was the beginning of the investigation into the conditions of detention of activist Pyotr Pavlensky, who was at the forefront of the scandal with the Hryvnia.

Will affect whether the case Hryvnia Mimi Marchand (Marchand Mimi), star world paparazzi and secret counselor of the family Makron? Girl Peter Pavlensky Alexander de Taddeo (Taddeo Alexandra de) announced on July 16 via his lawyer Noemi Cedi, Cottle (Noémie Saidi-Cottier) about the lawsuit against the head of Bestimage and another person on charges of violation of professional and investigative secret, infringement of privacy of correspondence and the concealment of these offenses.

The reason for this was exposing the “Point” about how was the resulting picture de Taddeo and Pavlensky on the day of their arrest (this picture appeared on the front page of “Paris Match”).

February 20 Peter Pavlensky, who was suspected in the spread of the Internet a private video Benjamin Hryvnia (Benjamin Griveaux), indeed appeared on the cover of the edition with the handcuffs on his hands, which was a breach of article 35 of the law on freedom of the press, which prohibits journalists to publish photos trapped in chains of people under the threat of a fine of 15 thousand euros. On these facts, the Paris Prosecutor’s office had launched a preliminary investigation. Investigators did not give rest to the following question: as a photographer who usually works for an Agency Bestimage Mimi Marchand, it became known about the impending arrest Pavlensky, except from the representative of the security forces?

Suspicions about the two police officers

As already wrote “Buan”, in February, it launched an administrative investigation, which revealed the source of the leak. A police officer from 16 districts of the capital have recognized that transferred data on place of residence Pavlensky and de Taddeo, that is the hotel Ibis Style. The photographer lay in “ambush”, to immortalize the scene, and his pictures and videos got to Paris Match via Bestimage.

But that’s not all. According to our information, the Paris Prosecutor’s office initiated a preliminary investigation now concerns the allegations of forgery have power person. The authenticity of the transcript of the interrogation of Pavlensky raises questions. It States that the police a few hours was spying on the Russian artist and his girlfriend before to keep them at the entrance to the hotel.

About this chronology has serious doubts. Maybe sitting in an ambush photographer Mimi Marchand saw that Pavlensky came out of the hotel and alerted the police, so that they could cuff him?

Police trap

If this is confirmed, the consequences can be very serious. In particular, this can mean the invalidity of the arrest and detention Pavlensky and de Taddeo. And then what will happen to hearings and received their phones data? May suffer all the consequence, which is engaged in finding-out of circumstances of publication of intimate video Benjamin Hryvnia.

As follows from the claim of Alexandra de Taddeo, who was able to see “the Point”, she believes that “a picture of her during the arrest of her partner — despite the fact that she was then unknown to the General public — were made after the disclosure of secret information Michelle Marchand, who acted as an intermediary in the publication”. In addition to the detention, the girl is unhappy that appeared in this “trap involved in the police case equally mysterious and alarming conditions.”

Further, Alexander de Taddeo indicates that SMS correspondence with her former lawyer Marie-Alix Canuts-Bernard (Marie-Alix Canu-Bernard) hit the press just a few days after her detention. “This accuracy suggests that the journalists had access to the materials (…), which are protected in secret correspondence between the lawyer and the client,” — emphasizes her current lawyer Noemi Cedi, Cottle.

The Claim Canuts-Bernard

“In this regard, it is necessary to clarify that while in detention, Mrs. de Taddeo gave the code from your mobile phone to investigators. They could access all in the information, including correspondence with the lawyer, she was appointed at the beginning of her detention,” she adds.

To our knowledge, this has formed the basis of a claim against another person, which filed June 12, Marie-Alix Canuts-Bernard, angered by the publication of confidential correspondence of the lawyer and the client. “In connection with the publication of the magazine “Paris Match” photo of the arrest of Peter Pavlensky seems necessary, given the gravity of this publication, to fully shed light on the circumstances in which my confidential email correspondence could go to the press”, — is spoken in the statement.