Bulgarian readers: Musk has brought back interest to the space. But the first was Russian

On Sunday the spacecraft Elon musk landed in the Gulf of Mexico — so ended the first private space flight. Bulgarian readers compare the American and Russian space achievements — it seems that no real breakthrough Mask I made, but the Russian space Agency, they believe, it’s time to move to the next level…


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Diary: Historic landing — SpaceX sent the first private astronauts from the space flight


In addition to the purely technological… and financial success of Space X, they are a great service to mankind lies in the fact that they returned the interest and dreams of young people from around the world to space exploration.


Rogozin jump on the trampoline with joy.


Once it was science fiction…

Norman Granz

Yes, after the luxury of no one will even turn up in this thing, the Federal space Agency, where I got to put a Jack under the nose was heel colleagues.


Indeed, it is a great success that they returned alive. Congratulations! Musk probably burned 50-60 mannequins before. This is a huge PR for something so common than people has more than 40 years doing, we will soon see the headline “Great success of the us space program! For the first time in space the man with the Golden two-dollar coin in pocket!” or shocking “a Huge step for humanity, the first case of a man with diarrhoea in space, we capture the space bacteria! The samples will be made to the Constitution!”


After that, flight “Union” was similar to the capsule for the people, and for hamsters!


What wonderful news. Yesterday Putin has reduced funding of the Russian space Agency on 2021-20231 for $ 1 billion.


Anything historical, to fly in space — it’s like that to go to Pernik (town in Bulgaria — approx. ed.)…


To review anonim440: In Pernik — dangerous!


The Russian space program will go down in history with his great contribution — zeroing comrade Putin! Heroine is Valentina Tereshkova left a trail like a meteor in the sky!


I wonder what is the Bulgarian fool so happy about something that concerns the American economy? As far as I know, the Russian investment and tourists more than the us. Well, where is the success of the American economy should please me, if I’m Bulgarian?
Dir.bg: NASA Astronauts successfully landed on the capsule, Space X


It’s a question of priorities. Americans write history in space for the benefit of human civilization, and the Russians organize a coup d’etat in Bulgaria for the benefit of Putin and Russian barbarism.


Yes do not write anything these Americans. People have long been traveling on the spacecraft. And was the first Russian.


Another blow to Russian geeks and the alcoholic Rogozin with his trampoline!


This is a revolutionary event! The Americans invented it, the Chinese will steal, improve, optimize, and 5 years later some Chinese missiles will deliver American astronauts to space! And so it has a functioning market economy!


Even the Bulgarian was flying on a space ship. Russian! 40 years ago… And came back alive and well. What is well complimented by the Americans?


Yeah long overdue. Almost 9 years without an American manned spacecraft to the ISS — it’s a shame. But stupid democracy makes such nonsense in the East and the West. Let’s remember how the USSR is the leading nation in the mastery of space and has lost first place the U.S. in the second half of the 60s. And after 45 years, the US was not manned spacecraft. Now Russia is once again playing catch-up.


For those who do not understand the boarding did not run smoothly. The lives of the astronauts were under serious threat. Hydrazine is a poisonous and highly flammable. This incident revealed serious engineering shortcomings of the “Dragon”. Maybe the next flight will be years later…

Legendary Troll

Reading all this, I’m reminded that a large percentage of people still in the dark ages of the middle Ages. They blindly believe in some kind of “religion” and worship the fraudsters as deities. That’s what this blind admiration of the Mask and the USA! And in fact, after threats of investigations and proceedings on the part of Congress Musk and NASA still “able” to take people to the ISS for 2 months (which would not be without Russia). If earlier it was a routine affair, now beat their chests and scream about the “great successes”.


Without the US this, too, would not be. Needed efforts and resources and the United States, Russia and several other countries. Ah, these American and Russian trolls will never understand, they always think in terms of “either-or”. And it all happens thanks to the joint efforts. Good that nobody asks trolls advice about what to do in space.


We all remember the words of the Russian intelligentsia, posmeeshsya over the Musk when he said that he would send people into space. Now this man is not laughing at the Mask and even praised him. I think this achievement just proves the superiority of the private company before the state monopoly. For all its strength, experience and infinite money Russia can no longer do what they could in the privates — Americans, virtually from scratch over 10 years. Bravo.


This capsule is an absolute copy of the Russian! And Americans still say they do not steal technology!!


Let’s see a copy of what the Russian capsule? “Union”? Yes, indeed, a bit like a service module. But traditionally the Russians fly to the capsules a completely different shape, look on the Internet. If you want to look for some analogies, it’s more of a similarity with the command module “Apollo”. And it’s okay to use what was know-how more than 50 years ago. Russia lags behind in space technology. 30 years at least — all the equipment is still Soviet era. But not the 1990 and older. Copy this junk — an anachronism, if not to say idiotic.

AK 47

We can only congratulate the people, that they survived using unreliable cowboy technologies and rocket Space X and a Mask. Yes! It is pure luck. God forbid that a little longer was carrying people, flying ARKS Mask, but looking at his grades… unlikely. But who knows, the Pharaoh, Musk promised that his super-duper-ships will carry to every corner of the Earth on a jet-powered, but seeing how unreliable his trampoline, he decided to land his most primitive, but the correct way on the water.


The Communists, you are invincible, but still recognize that private initiative is necessary.