New time (Ukraine): Ukraine on the attack of the terrorist attack. Why?

On a summer day, August 3, when the Ukrainian media did not expect the shaft of the news and prepared to please readers some photos from the rest of the stars of show business, in the news feeds of red lit up: man threatened to detonate a bomb in the capital’s business centre Leonardo.

No sooner had the Ukrainian society to recover after the incident with the terrorists in Lutsk and Poltava, it did not have time to digest the horrible fact of attempted rape in the train Railways, in Kiev there has passed the next terrorist attack. Today no one can feel protected — or Kiev or Lviv, or Odessa, or Kharkov, Mariupol no.

A sharp increase in the number of terrorist attacks in the summer of challenging 2020 is the result of high anger and frustration that prevail in the public mood. The level of intolerance, aggression through the roof. It all starts with the fact that one begins to feel detached from others, stewing in his own resentments, suspicions, injuries — and particularly mentally unstable characters arrange terrorist acts.

A couple of years ago I had to discuss the fight against terrorism with Marianne Borgen, mayor Oslo. Oslo has experienced several terrorist attacks, and the most famous case of terrorism in Norway, killing 77 people in July 2011 on the island of Utoya, which made a right-wing radical Anders Breivik.

Borgen explained that there are two levels of counter-terrorism technical and strategic. At the technical level of the city provide a worthy investment in the safety of public spaces, installing of CCTV camera, cooperating with national authorities in the organization of police work. At the strategic level requires something else — the authority must be able to give citizens a feeling of happiness that you live in this country and in this city.

Ukraine need justice that can give happiness

It may seem strange at first glance, but Borgen said bluntly: the more the city’s green areas, benches in parks, pleasant cafes, the less people want to organize attacks. The more people communicate with each other — the higher the level of tolerance in society. Ukraine still understands terrorism as a threat that can be fought only with arms and actions of the security service or National police.

Let’s look at the country in which we live. How much anger people pour on each other in public transport, in supermarkets, in poorly lit streets and lanes of the residential areas. A used to Wake up screaming under the Windows, which indicates whether the stabbing, or of another such nightmare.

Edward Glaser, an economist and specialist in urban planning from Harvard University, proved in his research that the more active in life for the education sector, the safer and happier this city. Today you are investing in schools and universities — and tomorrow on the streets of your cities, less crime and acts of terrorism.

The intelligence services there is no single, proven 100% technology prevent manifestations of terrorism. Here we have to think wider and to enable creative thinking. If the people sitting anger, we must reflect on what causes people anger and why they feel unhappy.

Another well-known economist Raghuram Rajan, Professor at Chicago University, in his recent study suggested that the answers to the problems of development of society to look for in the triangle: state — market — the local community. Modern country, even the largest democracy, accustomed to look only at two elements of this triangle — the market and the state. And the lives of people — residents of Fastiv, Vasilkova or the city — falls out of the formulas by which governments expect their policies.

It would be a mistake to think that only rich happy country. Traditionally a high place in the global index of happiness is Bhutan — a country in the Himalayan mountains in the East of India. The level of GDP per capita in Bhutan is less than $2 million, and a substantial part of the population is engaged in cattle breeding in the meadows of this country.

The reasons for such a massive feeling of happiness in Bhutan a few. The first is the Buddhist ethic, which prescribes to keep calm in any circumstances. The second is a good environment, beautiful nature, high-quality agricultural products. Third is the fact that people live in small towns and villages, know each other and all problems go through together, the collective mind.

Tshering wangchuck, the former head of the government of Bhutan in conversation with journalists admitted that he as Prime Minister is obliged to increase the country’s GDP and to pursue appropriate policies, but the happiness of the people depends not only on the money — otherwise it would be possible to elicit a large loan program from the IMF, to distribute generous subsidies, and thus put me in hall of fame history of Bhutan. People need the sense of equality of opportunity — access to information, to technology, to capital and jobs.

The Ukrainians have long suffered from inequality of opportunity. Often better finds someone who’s parents are richer. The career gets more talkative at meetings of the people, and not one who has a higher work efficiency. In politics the winner is the one who promises and who show the channels, but not the one who knows how to really solve the main problems of society.

People notice this, because they live in this world, in this country. Ukrainian political psychology, tend to endure. Here, they say, even a little bit need to be patient, to wait a bit and life will improve. When to suffer already there are no forces, because life is not getting better, the manifestation of anger and discontent. The attacks begin and crime.

You should not assume that the terrorists are just mentally ill people. They really can be deviations in the psyche, but the point is probably not only in mental pathologies. The same Norwegian shooter Breivik was eventually recognized as mentally healthy, although his lawyers argued prosecutors that he was insane at the time of the attack felt like “knights Templar”. In this case, Breivik is a fairly educated person. He studied at the business school, and among his favorite authors, Immanuel Kant, and Adam Smith.

There are people who are pathologically sensitive to the wrongs that exist in society. These untruths radicalized in their political consciousness and inflict a deep injury. Starts a chain of inferences which leads to the idea to commit a terrorist act to draw attention to the problem. So, Maxim Lutsky terrorist Compressor was indifferent to the issue of animal rights, and Breivik too painful perceived multiculturalism of European countries.

The deeper lost to the community sense of justice — the more attacks it takes. Yes, every terrorist is guilty and should be criminal penalties. But there is a degree of guilt for every act of terrorism — and the state, which cannot cope with the task to ensure the quality of the rule of law that would satisfy people. Ukrainians are tired of the disorder that prevails in the cities, in politics, in the economy. They need answers to their questions — and the answers you need today. Complete, comprehensive answers.

2020 was heavy, because the pandemic coronavirus exposed many of the problems of Ukraine, which does not always reach the hands. It is the shortcomings in the received upbringing and education, the inability to properly communicate, access to large amounts of information that people can’t properly absorb and digest due to the lack of competence. This adverse background, and there is terrorism.

Ukraine needs capitalism, which would work equally well for everyone — for top managers of large companies, and for ordinary guys and girls, who readily points out on bikes orders with yellow backpacks Glovo behind. Ukraine need justice that can give happiness. It is a strategic vector of combating future acts of terrorism. We cannot close our eyes to this threat.