Akharin Khabar (USA): America afraid of the new Russian submarines

The us military issued the following warnings about heavy duty weapons “of competitors and potential enemies” of the United States, including, in the forefront still is Russia.

For the “warning” the us military began the new Russian submarines with their advanced combat capabilities. The strengthening of the military potential of Russia is classified a senior American military as a major challenge and a threat to the United States.

In particular, it is so classified, the new Russian submarines recently appointed commander of the Northern command of the U.S. Armed forces (eng. NORTHCOM — approx. transl.), Lieutenant General Glen van Herc.

When entering on his office, during the hearings in the us Senate van Herc, in particular, said: “during the 32 years of my service I had never faced such serious challenges and so diversified threats to national security (USA)”.

About Russia the new commander stated that it is constantly developing its strategic capacity to pose a significant threat to the U.S., in particular, equipping all the new weapons its submarines. According to him, Russian submarines are becoming more complex goals to track, and their combat power, in particular, they are armed with ballistic missiles will resist harder.

At the same time, Glen van Herc compared with Russia, the degree of threat to the United States and China, which also is continually increasing the capacity of its armed forces, and they are also, like Russia, the General said, already in the not so distant future will become a serious threat to America.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, had previously stated that the Navy of Russia, in particular, his offensive power should be developed and strengthened further. He finds it necessary to equip the Russian Navy hypersonic weapons, and, at the same time, in service with the Russian Navy, should be more nuclear-powered submarines.

Among the weapons that are now actively equipped with Russian submarines, we should mention the latest unmanned systems “Poseidon” — they are designed specifically for submarines that towed them under water. In addition, the modern Russian warships can be armed with cruise missiles, in particular, hypersonic anti-ship missiles “Zircon”.