“There is no collapse of the talks,” Putin responded to a letter Kozak

In the Kremlin are not familiar with the letter, which was sent to the media on behalf of the Putin aide

While in Ukraine, comment the letter of the Deputy head of presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak on the release of “Norman format” at the level of advisers of heads of state, the Kremlin’s claim that Russia does not intend to stop negotiations on the Donbass.

This was stated press Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, reports UNIAN.

He noted that Kozak to continue to work in the “channel format”.

“Neither of which the suspension of negotiations Kozak did not write, did not say if it is approved (in the Ukrainian media. – Ed.) this is a distortion,” said Peskov said that the work at the level of assistants of the heads of States will continue.

On the question of how will the work of advisers in the “Normandy format” Ministers of foreign Affairs, the speaker of the Kremlin said: “this work involves all associates, and the foreign Ministries, the heads of States and the Contact group”.

In the Kremlin are not familiar with the Kozak’s letter, which appeared in the media, but I think that “this is not the correct way of seeing cases in terms of very complex negotiations” to Donbass.

“Russia was, is and remains committed to the Minsk agreements and believes that the Minsk package of measures is no alternative basis for the continuation of the search of ways of settlement,” concluded Sands.

As reported “Today”, 30 July media released a letter from Dmitry Kozak, the futility of further negotiations on the Donbass at the level of advisors, and that he intended to withdraw from the negotiation process. “With full responsibility I assure you that I do not intend to continue to participate in the infinitely continuing the “performance” with a Frank imitation of rough activity on conflict settlement”, said the representative of the Kremlin. In the office of the President of Ukraine called this move “a delicate diplomatic game.” What was the reaction of the head of the PP Andrey Ermak to the statement by the Russians about the negotiations on the Donbass.

At the same time, political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko called for two versions of why Kozak out of the negotiations on the Donbass. The Kremlin is trying to level the value of the “channel format” and only wants the talks in Minsk. Also the Russians want to squeeze out of the negotiations Andriy Yermak.

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