People’s daily (China): what does successful completion of the testing of Russian s-500?

It is reported that Syria has completed successfully test anti-missile system s-500. The results confirmed that the s-500 is able to simultaneously shoot down 10 missiles of distant radius of action even if the motion of the target at a speed of from 18 to 25 thousand kilometers per hour. The complex is also capable of shooting down missiles and aircraft flying at an altitude of 200 kilometers.

In may 2020, Deputy defense Minister of Russia Alexei Krivoruchko said that the first anti-aircraft missile systems s-500 can do in the armed forces in 2021. What are the advantages of air defense complex of new generation, which will be entrusted with a huge responsibility for the security of the Russian sky? What is the impact on the existing Russian system of missile and air defense will have an accession to their ranks of the new complex?

Incredibly accurate missile system s-500

S-500 — a fully formed, multi-system complex. The s-500 is consists of management tools, anti-aircraft and missile parts. Part of the controls included an early warning radar and combat control; its anti-aircraft part — the command post, radar station, radar guidance, as well as the launcher with a missile 40Н6Е; missile part, in turn, is comprised of combat control, radar, radar with an active phased antenna array and launchers for missiles short range 77Н6-N and missiles of distant radius of action 77Н6-H1. Similar multisystematic allowed the s-500 is able to intercept multiple targets, increase the range of radar detection and resistance to electromagnetic interference.

Compliance with the requirements of air operations of the future and following the latest trends. In military circles it is considered that the most appropriate and efficient way to confront complex and volatile system of air-space attack is an Association of different rockets of a class “earth-air”, or the creation of an integrated platform for different types of missiles. For this reason, the design of the s-500 allows it to have a wide radius of the fighting, a great combat characteristics and strong interference immunity.

As for anti-air characteristics, in comparison with C-400, C-500 50% increased range and improved detection ability of objects with stealth characteristics. Thanks to the advent of the C-500, the Russian anti-aircraft missiles was dropped before the American fifth generation fighter. Air and missile characteristics of s-500, including the height and speed of the captured target, increased in comparison with the s-400 more than twice. New air defense system capable of intercepting Intercontinental ballistic missiles and in fact became a single set of air and space defense.

The s-500 is designed in such a way that they are able to intercept virtually all means of air attack, the armament of the United States. Thanks to mass production of standardized, modular and standardized components, the s-500 could become a powerful independent system, and promptly to turn into a special or combo complex, adapting to combat missions air defense, missile, anti-space and anti-satellite defense.

According to the design plan, the C-500 consists of a system of antiaircraft weapons sverdlikovo, close, medium, long and ultra long-range anti-missile and anti-space equipment, and various sensors to ensure efficient performance of combat tasks, automated system management and support.

Capable combatant strengthened the Russian missile and air defense

System air and missile defense, the armament in the Russian army, fully equipped. In 2019 passed the tests of anti-satellite and missile defense A-235, during which he released a new interceptor missile. The maximum range of the rocket amounted to 1852 kilometers, so it poses a great threat to earth satellites and other high-altitude targets. According to experts, to enhance the destructive power of A-235, needed to equip its anti-satellite missile “Nudol”. This missile is an improved version of a-35, A-35 and A-135, non-nuclear interceptor missile may be part of a local or limited conflict to prevent the transition to nuclear war. According to the Russian side, in 2022 it is planned to complete the establishment of the missile defence system in Moscow and Central industrial region, after which it will be effective anti-satellite defense and attack remote air targets.

All SAM type “S-“, the armament of the Russian army, equally good at handling defeat enemy targets located in the middle and close remove. Currently, Russian troops equipped with a large number of antiaircraft-rocket complexes With-300. According to published data, the SAM is able to control the airspace within a radius of 150 to 300 kilometers, the height of the trajectory issued from missiles is about 25-30 miles, and they fly at speeds up to six times the speed of sound. “Eyes” SAM is a multifunctional radar with a phased array, capable of search and fixation of multiple air targets, hovering a few missiles to strike at different targets. In addition, to protect the country at medium distances, there are medium-range SAM s-350 Vityaz and s-400 that make up a comprehensive network of missile defense in aerospace and represent the main forces of the Russian defense.

When the s-500 “Prometheus” will go to the troops, then, according to the chief commander of the VKS Sergei Surovikino, he will be able to destroy hypersonic weapon in near space. The technical characteristics and the ability to destroy low-orbit satellites, space weapons and hypersonic weapons, all modifications, including in near space, will allow it to be regarded as first generation systems anti-space defense. This will allow the Russian system of aerospace defense to expand its borders and include the space. With the combination of the level of the SAM with other existing missile defense systems, Russia will get a better system of defence that will have a positive impact on the aerospace defense of Russia.

To enter the international arms market, with good recommendations

The leading place in the modern arms market, still occupy the USA and Russia that sell advanced weapons and military equipment around the world. Between countries, setting trends in the field of military equipment is not quenched ruthless struggle for a tasty morsel called “arms market”. In conditions of severe competition, the annual volume of arms exports on the market is the US 70-75%, and Russia — 25-30%.

Despite the unfavorable market share, global popularity and authority of Soviet weapons helped Russia greatly enhance the level of customer loyalty in the international arms market. Third world countries speak favorably about the Russian-made weapons, as it combines ease of use, cost per use and technical specifications. Even countries that had experience with the use of Western weapons, make a choice in favor of purchasing Russian weapons. All the weapons sold by the Russian side abroad in the past year is estimated at $ 15 billion. The country’s annual defense budget which does not exceed $ 50 billion, will be able to extract the money they get greater economic benefit, for example, use them to promote large-scale defense projects or upgrade of weapons and military equipment. This situation on the international arms market indirectly speaks of the sympathy that countries face in relation to the Russian-made weapons.

Russian anti-aircraft missile complexes “S-” are popular in many countries. Last year, India signed a Treaty with Russia for the purchase of five regimental kits of s-400 and had recently made for them in advance. The United States was extremely displeased when the news spread that the state is a NATO member, Turkey, has bought the s-400 and also intends to purchase a number of the newest Russian fighter. In response to the behavior of Turkey, the US defiantly has suspended cooperation with it in respect of the stealth fighter F-35 and strengthened diplomatic and economic sanctions to force it to abandon further purchases of Russian weapons. If the latest Russian air defense system s-500 will appear in the export model, it will cause strong vibrations and will leave a trace of Russia on the international arms market.

After Putin became President of Russia, the country has been given great attention and strong support work in the field of modernization of arms and military equipment. The priority in this case is given to improving quality and combat performance, primarily develops weapons of strategic importance for the country’s security and future military conflict, while also improved, and conventional weapons. Until today, there has been rapid progress in the development of all types of Russian weapons. Examples of accelerated modernization of weapons and military equipment can be considered a T-14, stealth-fighter su-57, a strategic rocket complex of new generation “YARS”, nuclear submarine ballistic missile project “Borey-A”, operational-tactical missile complex “Iskander-M” and also the recent testing of anti-aircraft missile system s-500. The same can be said about the development of the defense industry in the country. Considering how much importance Russia attaches to the development of the military sector, we can safely say that in the future her army will look like new.