APU received the upgraded fighter, which managed to pick up from the Crimea (photo)

The military decided to congratulate with the Day of the Air forces of a powerful gift

The Ukrainian army continues to battle the upgraded MiG-29 fighters. This time the updated combat aircraft went to the 204-th Sevastopol aviation brigade.

It is reported by the Ministry of defense.

Aircraft transferred to the pilots on the eve of the Air forces. It is noted that in the spring of 2014 this Board was removed from the territory of the annexed Crimea. This Moment was partially modernized and was the first repair of the Lviv state aviation-repair plant.

The aircraft carried out a complex repair work, in particular, he got the engine, last overhaul on the Lutsk repair plant “Motor”. In addition, at the Odessa aviation plant performed overhaul of the carton aircraft units. Thanks to this combat vehicle has received a significant service life – 12 years.

After completion of repairs, the fighter passed flight tests. Soon he will be put on combat duty in air defense system of Ukraine.