The defense Ministry has changed the rules of wearing military uniforms and insignia: video

Military clothing became more practical and attractive, noted in the APU

In the Armed forces of Ukraine, where previously introduced a new system of titles, changed the rules of wearing military uniforms and insignia. This was announced by the head of Department of integration of military symbols of the Armed forces of Ukraine Igor Nepeta.

So, changed the insignia of the higher officers, noncommissioned officers and petty officers, patches belonging to the species or kind of troops are placed on the right sleeve and shoulder sleeve insignia of the military unit on the left, and the “State Flag of Ukraine” – on both sleeves. Also changed the emblem on the collar of dress and casual uniforms.

“The new logo received the officers of the senior officers, assault troops, signal corps, specialists of automated control systems, information protection and cyber security, medical and veterinary service, part of the electronic warfare and electronic intelligence, Marines, army aviation, military police, military topographic service and the State special service of transport” – said Nepote.

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