American Javelin and the Ukrainian “government” has hit the target: unique video

Military exercises took place at the landfill in the Rivne region

Recently , Ukraine has received another batch of missiles for the Javelin, and with them already in full swing work of the Ukrainian military, while only in landfills.

Operational command of the “West” made a video as an American with Ukrainian ATGM “Stugna” the exercise shooting at a target.

On the days exercise took place at the Rivne General range. During the training, participants worked through solving tactical tasks in the attack, the creation and application of modern elements in order of battle, the integrated fire destruction and the use of forces and means of operational support.

Also in turn allowed American arms. The operators were very close to the calculation of anti-tank complex Javelin. In the video you can see how the soldiers hit the same target with the Ukrainian ATGM “Stugna-P”.

Video: Operational command West

As reported by news “Today,” commander of Ukraine Ruslan Homchak told that the APU in the Donbass will receive a deadly American weapons. According to him, now on the basis of one of the brigades that completes training at the site before sending in OOS, actively model the tactics of the use of “Javelin”. He noted that in the future it is planned to equip the American ATRA every team that goes to war.