Netflix takes off in Ukraine’s political Thriller, van Damme is already in Kiev

The film is about political intrigue at the state level

The famous streaming service Netflix filming for the first time on the territory of Ukraine, and among the main actors – Jean-Claude van Damme, who had previously visited Ukraine.

This was reported in Facebook the Minister of culture Alexander Tkachenko, personally met with the star fighters.

“Netflix his first film in Ukraine. At the weekend met with the project team. This Comedy Thriller about political intrigue at the state level – “The Last Mercenary”. The bulk of filming will take place in Kiev. Also will shoot in Paris. In the story events will unfold in France. Among the main actors – Jean-Claude van Damme and Alban Ivanov”, – he wrote.

Tkachenko said that those responsible for the shooting on the territory of Ukraine the international film company, Apple Tree and a Patriotic Star Media. According to the Minister, the shooting of the film has already started and will last until the autumn. The producers – Vlad Ryashin, Jean-Charles levy and Olias Barco, Director – David, Sharon, and cinematographer Thierry Arbogast.

“Well, we, together with Jean-Claude keep my fingers crossed that the dynamics of international filming we grew. Ready to meet foreign producers,” – wrote the head of the Ministry of culture.