Milliyet (Turkey): five new professions for those who are unhappy with their work

You may not like what you are doing now. And if you don’t want to continue to live with such a feeling and desire to plunge into a new business that is really going to excite you and can bring as sustenance and pleasure, we offer to your attention five new professions.

Play therapy

It is known that toys are one of the main instruments of communication of children in this game is a form of full self-expression. Play therapy is relevant not only to children but also to adults. Parents and older family members, this activity also gives an idea about how they can communicate with children through play therapy.

Fabulous therapy

Fabulous therapy is also one of the techniques which are used for both children and adults. This direction aims to ensure that through fairy tales to help patients to make a journey inside yourself, to Express your emotional state, to change anything in their behavior. It is a technique about which fairy tales you can conduct a particular job with certain age groups.

Educational coaching

If you want to become a guiding light for today’s students, to educate leaders of the future, this profession is just right for you. Educational coaching involves the conduct of supervised on a particular path and mainly promote the development of professional competence. This area deals with the strategies that students can use in accordance with their goals both on exams and in everyday life, or what problems they may face and how to be able to overcome them.

Life coaching

Life coaching is an attempt to help people find their direction in life by increasing awareness. Forming a correct idea, the life coach guides the path of those who turn to him with any problems, and helps people to achieve their goals. The profession of life coach is the opportunity to expand your personal horizons and to master the art of how to ask questions about those areas that you will continue to talk with your customers.

Neuro-linguistic programming

We know that while perceiving the world through the five senses. And receptors of the five senses that we have, we in a sense something of our lives. All we want to change in the current we model the world can be changed with the use of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), affecting our senses and nervous system. In other words, NLP is a profession that allows people to reveal their abilities of decision-making and to provide a path for those who wish to be the master of your life.