The American Conservative (USA): the rebels burn down Church of St. John

Oh, my God. It is a historic Episcopal Church, across Lafayette Park from the White house. There, they were all US presidents since James Madison. And now it burns the crowd.

How can you stand it? They destroy our history and our heritage. And the authorities demonstrate complete impotence.

Thank God, the firefighters managed to extinguish the flames. Meanwhile, across the street:

The guardhouse at the White House has been set on fire. The police rushes forward and gassed the crowd.

— Eric Angelo (@MrEricAngelo) June 1, 2020

“Guard the White house was set on fire. The police used tear gas.”

Nothing, I heard the President’s going to make a statement on the case of Joe Scarborough.

The nation’s capital is legitimately on fire in every direction. This is unreal.

— Samantha-Jo Roth (@SamanthaJoRoth) June 1, 2020

“The capital of the nation burns. The mind boggles”.

Writes my colleague in the “American conservative”:

the nihilism of the “riots are good for Trump” crowd is, first — incorrect — but second, why would you want a chief executive of the most powerful empire in history who can’t quell a riot in front of his house?

— curtmills (@CurtMills) June 1, 2020

“First, the nihilism of approach “riots at the hands of Trump,” is wrong, and secondly, why do you need a head of the most powerful Empire in history, which even they could not suppress the rebellion at the walls of your own home?”

Just take a look: chartered idiot Egyptologist gives people advice on how to tear down the Washington monument.

PSA For ANYONE who might be interested in how to pull down an obelisk* safely from an Egyptologist who never ever in a million years thought this advice might come in handy

*might be masquerading as a racist monument I dunno

— Sarah Parcak (@indyfromspace) June 1, 2020

“PS. Advice from a Egyptologist how to safely demolish the Washington monument*. I never thought that he will ever come in handy.

* Warning, possibly disguised as a racist monument.”