How to save your family: the TOP 10 taboos of a happy marriage

Many young couples dream that their marriage was long, sturdy and one of a lifetime. However, family life is not as simple as it seems at first glance. And both should make significant efforts to the joint life turned into a nightmare. The website spoke about several things that can negatively affect your family relationships.


Sometimes you may think that your significant other just can’t hear you. So you can once again remind him of the things he needs to do.

Believe me, your man hears everything you say (in most cases), and knows exactly what is required of him. Moreover, he really intends to do it. However, he did it only when he wants. Dull and constant reminders will not bring this time, but will only irritate.


Your life can be far from ideal, and of course you can be concerned about this. This is really important, and you can share experiences with your partner. However, you should not do it too often. Constant negativity from communicating with you is bad for your relationship.

Try not to lose self-confidence and healthy optimism, because for each dark stripe is sure to be bright.


We all know that the discussion of men – a mandatory attribute of any Bridal shower. Try not to discuss my personal life with my friends too much, even if at the moment all is not too smooth.

If your friends are discussing their men in a negative way, remember you don’t have to make “dirty linen in public.” Will be more efficient if you start solving the problem from the inside, together.


Each of us is imperfect. Each of us has our weaknesses and shortcomings. However, if your family love, you will be able to gently influence each other, the edges, finding common interests.

Be careful not to interrupt each other during conversation, consult with each other before making important decisions, remember that you are a couple and in a relationship involving both.

Lack of time

You can be a very busy man, you may not have free time at all. You can work hard, exercise, go to any course, etc. However, you need to allocate time for its second half.

If your partner will see that you have time for everything but him, he might think that you do not value your relationship and ignore them. This does not mean you have to give up work and Hobbies. This means that you must find time for their life partner.

The refusal of sex

Of course you can feel bad to not be in the mood or not to experience desire. But you should never use sex as a way to punish your partner. You may have different temperaments, but to use sex as a reward for good behavior is not necessary.

If you have reason to refuse sex, be sure to discuss them with your man. It will be much easier to accept his absence, knowing the reason.

An extravagance

Not every family has a spender – wife, however in most cases it is. For anybody not a secret that money is one of the most frequent causes of divorce.

Of course, you may not be satisfied with the quality of his life, however, this period happens in life of each pair. Together you will be able to overcome difficulties and to keep close relations.

Behavior like his mom

Your husband is a grown man (even if it not always proves it by actions), and he chose you, not as a second mother. Therefore it is not necessary it to become.

Most likely, he wants a warm, friendly and trusting relationship. Resist the urge to control and supervise them, let him make his own decisions. Let your partner has the opportunity to share with you my secrets when he wants it. It’s better than if you will require him to tell you all forcibly.

Unrealistic expectations

Your husband really loves you. And of course he wants to become a better man in your life. But sometimes your expectations can be too high. It could be your Superman, but even Superman’s abilities have a limit. We offer you to look at things more realistic. If you think that some things happen too slowly, you should not be disappointed ahead of time.

Your men feel too much pressure from superiors and relatives. Constant dissatisfaction with your husband may turn his from you.

The invasion of personal space

Men anxious to perform their duties. Can you imagine how your date feels when you step on its territory. Each of you has a role in marriage, so let him do his. Let it do your work and you Express your appreciation.

Marriage is hard work for two. Work on the relationship, work on yourself, work on the bugs. But, abandoning those habits, replacing them with warmth and mutual respect, you will be able to enjoy your lives together much more to achieve understanding with the partner and satisfaction with relationships.

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