The American Conservative (USA): racial hatred puts pressure on the neck

In Clark County, Ohio, 20-year-old thug named Isaiah Jackson (Isaiah Jackson) was arrested and taken into custody awaiting sentencing for a photo he posted on social networks. In the photo, he presses the knee on the baby’s neck with the caption “Now that black lives matter, <unprintable expletive>”.

Isaiah Jackson was arrested in Clark county, Ohio for taking his picture kneeling on a 2 year olds neck.

— ⛩Rakkasan 4 Life⛩⭐⭐⭐ (@GisiAnthony) July 23, 2020

He is a thug with a criminal past.

As it is generally the earth is? I hope he’s going to prison and come out only with man.

By the way, why not at the same time arrested the person who holds the baby?

Anyway, Isaiah Jackson — felon with multiple convictions. Can you imagine how this young man is flawed. But look what is said about the prank Jackson speech pathologist at the middle-aged of DeKalb County (Atlanta) named Brian Papin (Papin Brian):

“All you’re doing it wrong. One knee in the middle of your back, the other at the back of the head. And crush until the strangle. You’ve seen the movie. Do it right or not <swearing> brains”.

— lesgrossman (@DurhamIsComing) July 23, 2020

Now Brian’s Dad’s under investigation.

I don’t think the “new York times,” “Washington post”, National public radio and other media will bother those that condemn this outrageous act of racial hatred by adult black men in relation to the crying white baby — and it’s all because of the movement “black Lives matter” (Black Lives Matter). Racial hatred and violence knows no boundaries. Can you imagine your child (white, black or any other) was in a class at Brian’s dad’s? How much they have — both in the hearts of racial hatred!

Addition: here is the very point!

This dirtbag”s name is Isaiah Jackson. He’s supporting the BLM by kneeling on the neck of a white toddler. I want you to imagine for a moment the reaction if the child was black and the message said “MAGA” instead of “BLM”. It would be the only thing we talked about for a month.

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) July 22, 2020

Tweet: “This monster’s name is Isaiah Jackson. It supports the movement of the BLM and, therefore, stood with his knee on the neck of a white baby. I want you for a moment imagine the public reaction if the kid was black and the signature would not BLM, and MAGA (Make America Great Again, “let’s get America Back its greatness”, the slogan of Donald trump). Conversations would be a month in advance”.

Addition 2: One reader has mentioned an article by columnist, “the Boston globe” (The Boston Globe) Rene Graham about how only one slogan “black Lives matter” strikes fear and hatred into the hearts of white chauvinists. I quote excerpts:

“Whatever mood nor were the inscriptions and graffiti Black Lives Matter, racists and trapistov they are brought to a white heat. In a country that used to devalue black people and put their lives at risk, some thick-skinned fanatics can not even think about compassion.”


“White America needs every possible reminder that she has put this country on the brink of disaster. Defile every one mural Black Lives Matter and you still will not be able to drown out the most important movement that will outlive individual points or slogans.”

“And if politicians, businessmen and plain white are serious about change, they have to change the title and billboards the Black Lives Matter three other words to acknowledge and proclaim the only way to eradicate systemic racism and to unite the nation: “the White chauvinism of the end””.

Here you have all the possible reminders.

Appendix 3:

Another, though less glaring case of ill-treatment of children in the name of black lives.

I’m gonna leave this right here!?

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