Russia imposed huge fines for the slogan “Crimea is Ukraine”

The state Duma has decided to fine for calls to return the annexed Peninsula

The lower house of the Russian Parliament adopted initiated by the members of Putin’s party “United Russia” an amendment that introduces a penalty for calls to return to Ukraine illegally annexed the Crimean Peninsula.

As reported on the website of the State Duma, on 22 July, the initiative was adopted in the third final reading.

It was the first law that Russian MPs have prepared after the Russian Constitution was rewritten under President Vladimir Putin. Changes in the fundamental law of the country began to contribute after the June referendum, which took place with violations and falsifications.

This document acknowledges extremism is not only a violation of the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, but also the alienation of part of its territory. Thus, the calls to return the Crimea are equal to calls to extremism.

Violators of the new law face a fine of up to 60 thousand rubles, if it was done by the officials – 100 thousand, and if a legal person – up to 300 thousand At the same time if the calls were implemented in the media or the Internet, fines will be even higher.

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