Case Sternenko: activists “stormed” the court, began to clash with police (video)

While lawyers say the disqualification of a judge under the court was very hot

In the Shevchenkovsky court of Kiev there was a skirmish between police officers and people who came to support the activist Sergey Sternenko. Today he elected a measure of restraint. This is reported PavlovskyNews and corresponding “Gromadskogo”.

Court security did not allow to pass supporters Sternenko on the hearing, arguing that the hall should not be located more than 20 people, including participants in the process. After that, the activists began to raise hell and shout “Miss!”.

TWITTERJune 12, 2020

The suspect himself has promised all comers to take him on bail to give statements. Thus, people can become members of the judicial process and the protection should be to ignore them. Meanwhile, his lawyers have filed a motion to recuse a judge.