Instead of traffic police in Ukraine there will be traffic police

Traffic police patrols 10 while the main highways of Ukraine. By the autumn it will work in all cities of the country. Than it will differ from GAI and how will recognize the site Today.

How will the traffic police

“The road” will be in constant motion without ambush in the bushes,” says the Deputy Director of patrol police Department Alex Beloshitskiy. At first police officers will patrol certain sections of roads. In particular, they will follow the tracks of international and national importance Kyiv-Kharkiv (the length of the route M-03), Kiev-Zboriv (segments of highways M-06, M-21, M-12, N-02) Yagodin-Sarny (cut the highway M-07) and the Lutsk-Kovel (the length of the route M-19).

“Road patrol police is not a separate unit. These are the same policemen who serve on the streets. They also will serve on the highways of international and national importance. No separate structures or separate units is not” – says the Beloshitsky.

“The road” will be able to respond not only to traffic violations and public security, but also on reports of offences on the route of the patrol. In the near future, for they equip the eight stations on roads that were previously occupied by GAI. They will be called road stations police patrol. In the future cars of traffic police will provide modern speed cameras.

Patrol police work across the country in the fall. Photo: A. Boyko.

As told “Today” in the interior Ministry, the traffic police will replace traffic police on the roads outside the city. “The work of the traffic police will not be radically different from the tasks of the patrol, but will become more specialized, explained the speaker of the Ministry of internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko. Patrol work in the city, and the traffic police will follow only on the highways of state and international importance”.

The salary of a “road” plan to install at the same level as patrol officers about 8 thousand UAH per month.

What responsibilities and powers will be the traffic police

In the patrol police said the traffic police they will differ not only because they will patrol the road, to be responsible for safety on the road. They will also deal with safety of citizens, to go to the special challenges that will be in their perimeter. It is planned that the road is one car, the police will patrol every 25 kilometers. This should reduce the number of accidents.

Traffic police will work according to the Statute of the patrol service. So, the officer stopping the vehicle shall:

  • to say Hello, to give his name, position, special rank, and to produce on demand official ID;
  • to assist the driver in the event of a malfunction of his car;

Also the traffic police may:

  • to demand from citizens of observance of public order;
  • to commit offenses;
  • inspect the vehicle and cargo.

In addition, the User registration police administrative offense, “the road” can temporarily withdraw and return to issue a temporary permit. Fine when the driver can pay it on the spot, but only by “Bank transfer”.

From September in all police patrol expected completion – launched a new recruiting division. Portion of the selected inspectors will serve in the traffic police. Planned staff of about 2000 people.