Zelensky met with ATO veterans: reservists are waiting for change (photos, video)

The Parliament submitted draft legislation that would require new kind of military service

Recently President Vladimir Zelensky met with veterans of the war in the Donbass in luck, and now on Bankova received representatives of the Board of reservists of the Armed forces of Ukraine, which discussed changes in the legislation on military reserve.

It is reported by the Office of the President.

“Thanks to you, we protected and defended our independence and territorial integrity against Russian aggression. Now, perform your duty, you will continue to serve in their reserve units. I believe that Ukraine is very lucky that she has such heroes, who are always described as brave, Patriotic and is one of the most important aspects of professional people in our country,” said Garant.

Zelensky discussed with reservists their bills submitted to the Parliament, in particular, regarding the improvement of certain issues of military duty and conducting military accounting, on certain issues of improvement enable the organization to perform military duty in a particular period.

The first document provides for the reorganization of the military in the territorial centers of completing of and social support on the European model. Also defined is a new kind of military service – the military conscription of the reservists in the special period, which provides for conscription of men during the special period without a Declaration of mobilization for up to six months. This call will take place on the decision of the Supreme commander of the armed forces. As for the reservists, the bill requires social protection, as is the case with mobilized. The military registration of reservists in the state, in particular, with the help of the automated system “Talisman” (Unified state register of conscripts and reservists).

The second bill is about ensuring organizations perform military duty in the special period offers reservists entrepreneurs at the time of their service, preferential taxation. For all such services they shall be exempt from the duty of calculation, payment and filing of tax reports, the tax to incomes of physical persons.

Chairman of the Board of reservists Taras Tkalich reminded that the Council is 100% of the combatants and reservists under the contract. His Deputy, Miroslav gay noted that the members of the Council for two years was engaged in the development of amendments to the regulatory framework. And now these bills will help to create the legal basis for the functioning of the system of military reserve, the territorial centers of completing and social support.

He thanked the President for support of reservists and submission to Parliament of draft laws as urgent.

“I hope that in September they will have to pass the first reading, as these laws are important,” stated Gaius.

In addition to discussing pressing issues, Zelensky presented veterans of the war in the Donbass state awards, despite the fact that for most military awards are not important.

“I think that we should always remember, and reward,” said the President.

We will remind, earlier Zelensky has signed a decree on the establishment of the Advisory Council on the status of war veterans. This consultative-Advisory body under the President became respected in the veteran community people. There will be solved the actual problems of veterans.