The attack in luck: Zelensky thanked the security forces

Joint efforts managed to neutralize terrorists and save the hostages

President Vladimir Zelensky, who was praised for negotiating with terrorists, thanked law enforcement for their work to free the hostages.

He said this at the traditional conference call, reports the Office of the President.

Special attention at meeting was paid to law enforcement.

“Thank you to all the intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies: the security Service, the Ministry of internal Affairs, national guard – everyone who yesterday worked so well in the operation to free the hostages,” said Zelensky.

The President reported that now militiamen carry an enhanced service in areas where reports of mining.

We will remind, in the morning, July 21, Maxim Compressor, which has already been nicknamed “Lutsk terrorists”, captured in luck the bus with 13 passengers. The police throughout the day was negotiating with him, joined even by the President of Ukraine, then the attacker gave himself up. Of the hostages nobody has suffered. Vladimir Zelensky said about the details of the negotiations with the “Lutsk terrorist”. It should be noted that with the security forces, he spoke for only 10-15 seconds and threw the phone, and with the head of state said 10 minutes.

Zelensky also fulfilled one condition “Lutsk terrorist”. Note that the Compressor initially demanded that representatives of different authorities recorded and posted in Youtube stating that they – the terrorists-in-law. And that the President has issued a video message with the text: “Film “Earthlings” 2005. View all”.