The NEB reported the suspicion to the head of the District administrative court of Kiev

Wolf himself is now on vacation and whereabouts unknown

National anti-corruption Bureau, which last year conducted searches at the District administrative court of Kievagain conducts searches of the Chairman of the court Pavel Vovk, and informed him of suspicion. The detectives NAB also reported on the searches of the other defendants in the case.

TWITTERJuly 17, 2020

The NAB has posted a video of the talks of the persons involved in corruption offences which should point to the customized nature of Affairs in OASK.

“The detectives have documented, not only individual facts of committing corruption crimes, but denounced the whole system of managed justice, which not only contributed to the personal enrichment of the judges, but also used head OASC as an instrument of the seizure of power in the system of judiciary,” reads the annotation to the video, posted NABOO.

GPU asks to dismiss the head of the District administrative court and two judges

In a press-service of the District administrative court of Kiev has informed on carrying out investigative actions indoors supposedly in the “square”. The court added that searches are based on the decision of Lenin district court of Kirovograd. In the NEB confirmed that the demonstrations in the premises of the District administrative court and the State judicial administration.

Recall last summer have already passed searches in this court. Then the Prosecutor’s office said that the leadership of the District administrative court intervenes in the cases in the work of the Supreme bodies of state power, the constitutional court, ministries, departments.

It was also reported that Paul Vovk I suspect meddling in the work of the High qualifications Commission of judges of Ukraine. Under suspicion were two of his colleagues from the District court, and the judge Suvorov court of Odessa. All were charged with fraud, knowingly making unjust decisions and obstruction of rallies during Euromaidan.

Despite the loud accusations Pavel Vovk continued to post and continued to work.