Ukraine’s population is dramatically reduced: the scientists said the reason for

By the year 2100 in the country may remain only 17.5 million people, according to U.S. researchers

The population of Ukraine, which, according to the state service statistics, and so rapidly declining, maybe to the end of the century be reduced 2.5 times.

This is evidenced by research Institute for performance and health evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, which was published in the medical journal The Lancet on July 15.

The authors predict that by 2100 the number of inhabitants of the Earth will increase by one billion, from the current 7.8 billion to 8.8 billion, which is much less than previous estimates. While the peak of the world’s population will reach to 2064 year (9.7 bn), and then will gradually subside.

Scientists explain that the drop in the fertility rate (CR) in 183 out of 195 countries of the world, including in Ukraine. To the world’s population supported its number, CD should be not less than 2.1. In the world today this figure is at the level of 2.37, but, as predicted by the IHME, the end of the century it will fall to 1.66.

In Ukraine it may be reduced from the current 1,4 (in 2017) to 1.32. In this regard, the population of our country is in danger of decline from 42 million (according to SSSU) to 17.55 million people.