The dollar holds the bar: the expert explained, what to expect from the course in Ukraine

The currency market is influenced by several factors

Dollar after growth in the official exchange rate of the NBU on 15 July on the interbank currency market of Ukraine trades at 27,11 hryvnia on sale. Such data to the website “Today” was given the head of Department of Analytics GK Forex Club Andrey Shevchishin.

According to experts, such dynamics is observed on the background of the fact that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky intend the end of the week to submit to Parliament the candidature for the post of head of the national Bank, and the head of the IMF said Zelensky, that the independence of the national Bank — a key condition for receiving loans from the Fund.

“The market was pressured by non-residents, exempting dividends and income, but in the second half of the day the demand was sleeping. In addition to the dividends, non-residents continue to close their positions on government bonds, and to sell securities on the secondary market. The auction showed that the demand for debt securities is minimal, and is not the first week there are no active purchases. In response, the NBU and the Ministry of Finance in the future may tighten its monetary policy, especially given the acceleration of inflation”, – says the analyst.

However, he predicts that the adoption of the law on the legalization of casinos would have a positive impact on the currency market, as it can step up investment in the gaming industry.

“The rest of the market remains sluggish, the volume low. Probably in the near future, the hryvnia will remain in the range 27-27,15 UAH per dollar”, – concluded the Shevchishin.

Earlier, the website “Today” to understand why Ukrainians are more selling dollars than are buying. And that happened in the currency market after the resignation of the head of the NBU, learn from the video:

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