“Ukraine with Tigran Martirosyan”: guests – David Sakvarelidze and Svyatoslav Piskun

The topic of the program is the appointment of Saakashvili and prospects the second phase of the medical reform

The guests of the program “Ukraine Tigran Martirosyan” 5 may be one of the leaders of “the Movement of new forces”, the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine (2015-16) David Sakvarelidze, as well as three times the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Svyatoslav Piskun.

The theme of the broadcast:

  • Whether to ease the quarantine in Ukraine? As entrepreneurs preparing to open?
  • Prospects for the second phase of medical reform: what changes are offered in the Ministry of health?
  • Personnel changes: when can we expect the appointment of Mikhail Saakashvili, and what position?
  • The situation in the Donbas: changes in the Trilateral contact group and what are the chances for a meeting of the Normandy four leaders in the near future?

Watch today at 18:00 on TV channel “Ukraine is 24”.

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