Peter and Mazepa (Ukraine): what happens to the Ukrainian Navy?

Coastal forces

Continues the test of the seventh armored (P-180 “Kostopil'”) and the construction of the eighth. Just expect 12 boats (some sources write about 18), divided into three divisions of 4 boats each. One on the Azov sea, now there’s two boats, based in Berdyansk. One division in Dnepro-the Bugsky estuary, based in Ochakovo. There is now a division of old boats (P 170 “Skadovsk” project 1400M; P 171 “South” project 376-U; R 172 “Exactly” and R 173, project V-363-U). And one division for actions on the Dniester and the Danube, c, based in Odessa. Now boats are distributed thus: two on the sea of Azov (P 177 “Kremenchug” and R 178 “Lubna”), two in Odessa (P 176 “Nikopol” R 179 “Vyshgorod”), two in the workshop in Mykolaiv (P 174 “Ackerman” and R 175 “Berdyansk”). One-on-test (P 180 “Kostopil'”), one in the building (8 building MBAC project 58155).

Amphibious forces

There is a strengthening amphibious forces of the fleet. Now available is 1 medium landing ship (L 401 “Yuri Olefirenko”) and 3 landing boats. Two new buildings (L 451 “Malin” and L 452 “Stanislav”), and one after an overhaul (L 434 “Svatovo”). In the building there is another boat (3rd case RISK project 58503).

There are plans to build 8 of these boats. Only the Navy now has two of the marine brigade and the transport-craft units need more. As at the moment all amphibious ships can disembark at one time power up to a company with a small number of heavy equipment. Except the Marines were experimenting with the landing of the marine way of highly mobile troops (paratroopers).

Missile programme

Tested average intelligence ship “Laguna”. He need first to compile radioprotecao of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation. They need to create a database of targets for RCC “Neptune”. The black sea is full of ships, and the rocket will need to identify a combat ship between the trading ships and decoys. Moreover, observation of the Crimea as a whole are only reconnaissance and patrol NATO aircraft P-8, RQ-4 air force and the U.S. Navy base in Sicily, and British electronic reconnaissance aircraft Sentinel R1 from the base in Cyprus. Ukraine has a Treaty on the exchange of intelligence information with NATO, but the amount of data transmitted, the Alliance defines itself. So it’s good to have independent intelligence capabilities.

Tests RCC “Neptune”. The end of the tests scheduled for the second quarter of 2020 and will be followed by the adoption of complex weapons and start serial production. Originally planned to deploy two battalions with 6 launchers each on the Azov and Black seas. Now to mention three divisions. Most likely, one is advanced in Bessarabia, to increase the area of the waters controlled by this complex, and to protect the Danube Delta.

After passing all the tests ground it will begin to adapt to sea basing. Up to this point the construction of the missile boats do not start. Not yet determined the final composition of the equipment for the new missile system, there is no way to design a missile boat at the required volume and weight of equipment and weapons. Although several preliminary designs already have (missile boats of the type “LAN”). Also consider the creation of a complex air-based. As the carrier of the plan su-24. But if the decision on the establishment of Maritime patrol aircraft An-148 MP, he can also get this missile system.

Patrol forces

Create division patrol boats for operations in the open sea, not coastal areas. The basis for this division will be the boats of the “island”. Two of them are already in the fleet (P 190 “Slavic” and P 191 “Starobilsk”), three more are planning to this year.

If we add to these forces a R 153 boat “Pryluky”, which removed all the missiles, then comes the division of the six boats. There are also rumors about the transfer of U.S. patrol boats of the type Mk VI, but so far no details about this no.

A large fleet

The only ship of the far sea zone frigate F 130 “Hetman Sahaidachny” — this year will be repair with partial modernization. It will affect first of all communication systems, navigation and enemy detection.

A rumor is information about the interest of the Minister of defence in the completion of a Corvette “Vladimir the Great” for 300 million euros. What he allegedly said during a visit to the United States. Western analysts in several articles dissuaded from this decision and insisted on the continuation of the construction let small, but more numerous fleet. Since the creation of one, albeit powerful ship, which still will not be able to resist the black sea fleet, will not change the balance of power in the region.

Aircraft fleet

Completed the program of repair of helicopters Mi-14. With the increase in the number of Marines increased load on the landing helicopters. In order not to distract the anti-submarine and search and rescue Mi-14 for the inherent transport and landing operations, the 10th brigade of naval aviation received two upgraded Mi-8MSB-in addition, volunteers donated An-2 for training parachutists.

Auxiliary fleet

Was commissioned multipurpose search and rescue vessel А715 “Alexander Okhrimenko”. Now it provides the sea of the tests of the RCC “Neptune”. Also this year plan to repair A542 training boat “New Kakhovka”.

As can be seen from this brief review, the Navy continues, even if not very rapid, construction and build-up. Perhaps a little more attention to the fleet will help to bring it from the periphery of the attention of the military-political leadership of the country that will contribute to the development of the fleet as a whole.