What he found in it: why men are crazy about “chasers here”

Conventional standards of beauty and sexual preferences of men can differ from each other. Images of slender girls, imposed by the media, can be perceived as perfect, but each man has his own sexual scenario, writes woman.ru.

The contents of this scenario depends, including how women’s images were captured by a boy in early childhood – say psychologists. If there is a image of the mother, women in the body, generously giving love and affection, if she is loved by the father and groomed, the boy who grew up, will attract women of this type. Another question, will he be able to admit to myself in my own preferences or to meet up with fashionable skinny girls, and at night in erotic dreams to see them full (in every sense of the word) the opposite.


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Curvy women often like men with psycho “Discoverer”. These are usually more keen on Grand plans than actual deeds, often forget not that for lunch, but for dinner. They’re thin and always hungry, but with glowing eyes. “The discoverers” impulsive and distracted, focused on their work and their discoveries, they have no time to engage in economic Affairs. Their life is chaotic and fast, they lose things and get bogged down in domestic issues. And that’s with a full woman and they opened their safe haven in a troubled and busy world.

What gets the darling of the men with such a psycho? As usual, each ointment is the fly in the ointment. “The discoverers” so believe in your ideas they are willing to accept the opinions of others, and often it turns into a dictatorship in the house. The belief in their own exclusivity and brilliance drives them to consider themselves demigods, and others designed to serve them. If a girl imbued with the importance of the mission men and start acting in accordance with his or her expectations, and soon he will take all her efforts to make his existence more comfortable for granted. So to “get, get, get out” close.

To lose weight to expand the circle of potential suitors, or to recognize that girls are different, and choose a “pirate” nicer – certainly a private matter of each. The main thing to remember about two important points. First, all men without exception, it is important that the body of the woman looked young, fit, well-groomed, regardless of the size of clothing that she wears.

And remember – men don’t like girls, constantly sitting on a diet and telling others about it.