Russia and deter Bashar Assad and Tehran

Barack Obama crossed the red line, and then stopped, watching the Syrian tyrant. He kills people, destroys a roof over their heads to the President Donald trump stunned the world that undertook bombing airport “Sirat” from which the planes flew, the perpetrators of the chemical attack on the city of Khan Sheyhun. That is Barack Obama behind the backs of America’s historic allies conducted secret negotiations with Iran, hoping to achieve success by signing poorly prepared nuclear agreement ambiguous in content. However, it deserves mention only the fact of counter-terrorism in neighboring countries and the world. Donald trump and his administration say that “a bad agreement” with the country is the “first sponsor” of terrorism.

Under President Barack Obama freed from the shackles of Russia, Iran, Hizbullah and terrorist groups to wreak havoc, to destroy, to devastate and to conquer Iraq and Syria. In turn, Donald trump is forcing “the Russian bear” to remove its aircraft from the airspace of Syria, resuming arms and trains the part of the opposition, and once again negotiating with other opposition groups, insisting on a Syria without Bashar al-Assad. Of course, some of the existing contradictions and differences resulting from the policies of Barack Obama have become a stain on his record, which is almost devoid of achievements. All of this suggests that the Libyans, Iraqis and Syrians in vain shed their blood in the last few years.

At the same time, the results of the actions of Donald trump talking about the fact that Geneva has become possible peaceful solution to the Syrian problem, however, need to take a step and reduce the role of the “Russian bear.” After Secretary of state John Kerry. Kerry hurried to the meeting with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, the latter, in turn, was ready to hold a meeting with the new Minister of foreign Affairs of America, which began in Astana with the question of a cease-fire. While Barack Obama swallowed his tongue and watched as Russia and Iran establish its dominance, support the regime of Bashar al-Assad and destroy the Syrian people. The last words the world heard from the President trump: Russia must hold back and rein in Assad and Tehran, but also in the garden Russia stone was thrown.

These differences and contradictions cannot be viewed as mere political maneuvering. As long as America exists on Earth, it will give a strong message about what she will no longer allow to continue. Moreover, while the statements of the administration of the trump and the President have no other meaning, except that laid in his words. In the coming days will show the position of the new US administration. Therefore, it is too early to talk about how they can be interpreted and what they will lead in the end. However, you can bet that the horrific nightmares that have plunged the region in the last few years happened because of the irresponsibility and indifference on the part of the Obama administration. It is hoped that his departure is a balm for the healing of the deep wounds and scars. But it will take time more than one generation.