The veil of secrecy ajar: the latest Russian system “Carapace” can show at a military parade (people’s daily, China)

Recently, foreign media reported that on June 24 during the parade of Victory in Moscow will be shown the latest anti-aircraft missile and gun complex “Armour-CM”. What is this new system of air and missile defense, the creation of which was directed the efforts of Russia in recent years? What advantages will have an updated package? What impact will this missile-gun system on the confrontation between USA and Russia?

Secret Russian complex “Carapace” is disclosed

Currently the main air defense system in the world are still created on the model of “flak + guided missiles”. Traditional anti-aircraft guns have a relatively small range, and in the case of insufficient resistance airborne weapons, air defense missiles have a minimum range combat use, there are restrictions close interception. Complex “Carapace” combines an artillery system that could capture close objectives and missiles to defeat long-range goals. Thus, the effective range is about 20 km, eliminating blind spots. This combination of characteristics zrpk “Carapace” has become a key vehicle for Russian missile defense.

“Armor” is the common name of a series of anti-aircraft missile and gun systems. The first generation system “Carapace-C1” consists of 12 controlled anti-aircraft missiles and twin 30 mm anti-aircraft gun. Rocket 57E6E is a more powerful version of the Russian portable anti-aircraft missile complex “Igla”. In addition to 12 of these missiles, “Pantsir-S1” also includes a double-barreled anti-aircraft machine 2А38 30 mm caliber, which has a high rate of fire. According to available data, the rate can reach five thousand rounds per minute, and two Smoking barrels 2А38 can give ten thousand rounds per minute. Such a density of fire allows you to effectively intercept supersonic targets. In other words, “Carapace-C1” has the ability to intercept ballistic missiles of short range.

“Pantsir-SM”, which will be demonstrated at the Victory Parade in Moscow June 24, is the latest achievement in the development of “Shells”. This is a modernized version on the chassis of armored car K-53958 “Tornado” (8×8). In addition to the standard armored cab, engine capacity of 450 horsepower and automatic transmission, this complex is also equipped with a new radar and improved infrared tracking system purpose, as well as new missiles, which allows to increase the range to 40 km. Therefore, new anti-aircraft missile system can be called an enhanced version of the system “Pantsir-S1”, which has the highest intercept missiles in Russia and even in the world.

“Pantsir-SM” extremely important for Russia

In recent years Russia has deployed in Moscow and the Central industrial area of system of antimissile and anti-satellite defense A-235 “Nudol”, which can intercept warheads of Intercontinental ballistic missiles and to effectively respond to the impacts of long-range weapons. In addition, on the Western border of Russia has also deployed a large number of missile systems s-400 and plans to deploy s-500 to combat NATO. The combination of these two major systems will effectively intercept ballistic missiles, medium-and long-range and low-orbit satellites inside and outside the atmosphere. If to this is added the complex “Pantsir-SM”, it will further strengthen the Russian anti-aircraft missile system near the action, especially when used in conjunction with anti-aircraft missile complex series of “Thor”. Creating a three-tiered system of air defense of the far, middle and near range will further strengthen the territorial defence of Russia.

On the battlefield in Syria, the system “Carapace-C1″is used for protection of the Russian airfields and major locations of troops. This complex has repeatedly proved itself in real combat conditions, reflecting the drone strikes of the Syrian opposition tried to attack a Russian military airfield. According to the Russian military, in August of last year was shot down more than ten “drones-suicide” of the Syrian opposition, most of which were destroyed by the complex “Pantsir-S1”. System “SEE” as an upgraded version of the complex “C1” may have a more noticeable advantage in local conflicts.

Earlier, the Ministry of defense of Russia announced that the American system “patriot” protecting refineries are unable to repel the drones due to low efficiency. In an interview with Defense News the head of the Israeli missile defense organization said that the defense forces of Saudi Arabia, namely the system of “patriot” was unable to repel the attack drones and missiles at oil facilities of the country, as the target moving below the horizon and could easily disappear from the radar station. This indirectly speaks about the problems that exist in the American system “patriot”, while the Russian system “Pantsir-S1” on the battlefield in Syria have been very effective. The modernized complex “Armour-CM” will have an even better performance. Likely, countries in the Middle East has paid attention to this type of weapons, and Russia will be able to strengthen its position in the international arms market.

The demonstration of “Pantsir-SM” at the Victory Parade aimed at USA

Less than a year after the us withdrawal from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and short-range Donald trump makes the decision on withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies. Such actions of the American side fundamentally is aimed at putting pressure on the Russian military. The role of the above agreements was to resolve possible conflicts between the United States and the Soviet Union after the cold war. They play an important role in maintaining peace and stability in Europe. The US withdrawal from treaties undoubtedly violates the fragile balance between the United States, Europe and Russia and will inevitably lead to a new arms race that will lead to growth of military expenditures of all parties. This has a negative impact on Russia, which has some problems in the economic sphere. At the same time, after the withdrawal from the Treaty, the United States will be able to deploy medium-range missiles in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region to address the present shortage of short-range missiles in the region and reduce the living space of Russia.

If Russia will not take any action, the deployment of American ballistic missiles with a medium range around its territory would pose a greater threat to the national security of the country. So Russia is taking certain countermeasures to deter the United States, including testing of various types of missiles and new air defense systems along its borders. Russia has already achieved the first successes in this respect, it tested an Intercontinental missile, has announced the development of its own production of medium-range missiles and putting pressure on Europe, eased the pressure on themselves. Thus, research and development in the field of offensive weapons played a role in deterring the United States, a big gap between the two countries in respect of means of defense can help Russia to strengthen its position.

In recent years there has been an escalation of the strategic confrontation between the United States and Russia in space, the most significant proof of this is the way the American side of the two major military contracts. The emergence of sophisticated anti-aircraft missile and gun complex “Armour-CM” will have an influence on the entire Russian system of missile and air defense. This will not only strengthen the territorial defence of Russia, but also give a strong response to the us withdrawal from military contracts. Thus, in the future competition of both countries in this area can become even more fierce.