Mongolia was one case of bubonic plague: the cattleman illegally hunted on marmots (Guanica, China)

30 Jun Mongolian state research center of zoonotic diseases published the message that in Hostinskom aimag in the County Chachage was recorded case of human infection with suspected bubonic plague. Currently, the patient undergoes treatment while in isolation.

According to reports, 27-year-old herdsman was feeling unwell after illegal hunting on marmots. On June 28 he was taken to hospital for treatment where he was diagnosed with plague. The patient is currently in critical condition. The relevant authorities have isolated 33 is closely in contact with the patient and monitor their condition. In some parts of the province of Khovd already under martial law.

Marmot is usually called just an ordinary Groundhog. Plague is a bacterial infectious disease that is transmitted by fleas living on wild rodents such as marmots.

Mongolian state research center of zoonotic diseases is urging the public not to consume the meat of a marmot for the safety of your health and health. Experts on prevention of epidemics and urged relevant government authorities to strengthen measures to combat illegal hunting on marmots, to radically avoid the risk of Contracting the plague.

The health Commission of the city district Bayan Nur (Inner Mongolia, China) 5 July on its web site reported that in the village of khoshun Wenigen of Urad-of Junzi city Bayan Nur revealed one case of infection of the bubonic plague at cattleman’s during his hospital visits in Bayan-Nur, after the diagnosis by the expert group. The patient was in the focus of plague epidemics before caught. Currently, the patient is isolated and is undergoing treatment at a local hospital and his condition is stable. Party committees and governments of both levels of government of the city drew the attention of citizens on prevention of and combating epidemic and appropriate measures to combat the plague already had taken, said in Weibo.

Comments from readers:

Pin pin: Not as horrible, there are marmots, or plateau they are not cook a little longer.

The early bird catches — that God gives in response to the pin Pin: the point is not to not eat them out, and to generally stay away from them. How can you eat? If you came across them, it is better not to touch at all, these games contain the greatest danger.

Cockroach CJJ in response to the pin Pin: last year in Inner Mongolia has already been registered two cases of bubonic plague ranchers who ate anything and everything. They were sent for treatment in Beijing. Inner Mongolia is a plateau? If you had contact with the ill, then immediately infect. Plague is not a disease that you can catch only if you have something to eat.

Pierce arrow sheet — small honor: In the past the nomads constantly eating their meat, I don’t know how they managed to survive.

CG plate CHERRY: IN the past the nomads were similar to the current ranchers, but when they roamed, they usually lived in very small groups, and the rays of death plague fell only in one small tribe, and it all died. Therefore, there were no major outbreaks.

Teenage girl: it Is believed that the plague in medieval Europe the nomads of the Mongolian plateau and brought!

White jade 8857 in response to the girl, to gete-youngku: This view has been proved. When the Mongols invaded the territory of Ukraine, they were planted inside the city walls of dead, diseased. More and asked the shamans to resort to witchcraft. As a result, when the Mongols retreated, plague has already reached Venice.

The moon and the wind of the dynasties of Han and Tang in response WHTWMD jadefrom 8857: Why nomads are so few left.

The cruel knight: gentlemen, you can’t eat wild animals because you don’t know what pathogenic bacteria may be contained in their meat. Besides, wild animals should be protected.

flushcc: last plague was the death itself.

Song of the wind over the top of the mountain in response flushcc: Now, too! In China plague is the second infectious disease category A!! But we only almost won the epidemic of coronavirus! At the end of 2019 in Beijing already treated two cases of plague in Inner Mongolia, then we almost with fear not dead!

Sailor: If this disease gets out of control, the situation will be much worse than the epidemic of the coronavirus.

Green mountains frown in response, the Sailorfrom: Way to spread the plague even more limited than the coronavirus. In the current medical conditions, add to this the stringent measures in China for the prevention and fight against epidemics, can not be large-scale outbreak of plague.

Bay Mu in response, the Sailorfrom: the Plague — it is an acute infectious disease that, if infected in the morning, by noon you have to die. Plague is the most serious infectious disease, the God of diseases. But it’s not as bad now there are effective antibiotics against it.

2M a fallen leaf: on the Internet you can find many videos on how tourists in the pastures playing with the marmots and feed them… I Think it’s included in the tourist program.

towall71: You look so much in North-East China people have died in the last years of the Qing dynasty?

Become common: In Inner Mongolia now inflames the plague. The migration of the “rats” under control to keep, but in the district of Eran-Khoto must act strict measures for border crossing area.

The rising sun: In fact there is no need to worry so much about the plague in Inner Mongolia. First, in Inner Mongolia every couple of years, there have been cases of plague. Second, the speed of response at low levels in Inner Mongolia on a different level, so they can stop the epidemic in the Bud. In addition, the shepherds and other people better we are acquainted with the plague. Finally, in the Autonomous region in those areas where find a plague, the inspection was carried out on all levels, so you’d better all read the news without too much panic.

tudoubocai: this year will definitely not go to look at Surkov.

Mountain peak: it’s like we in the United States, the same level of hysteria, is not surprised by the discovery of any disease.

User comments Weibo:

My journey is the ocean of stars: Listen to me, I live in Bayan Nur in Inner Mongolia. I have something to say: plague is an infectious disease And this is true, and the fact that it’s really scary, that too. But Inner Mongolia is a natural source of infection, we had nothing to do with it, rats very much and it’s impossible to catch everyone and to check the plague or not. Local authorities have countermeasures on this account, they know what to do with them, because they have a rich experience of struggle against this infection. Everyone, please calm down.

White sauce Juju: the Goal this year is to stay alive.

Weightelyy big purple demon Dada: From Mongolia the plague has spread in Inner Mongolia? Remember about the two infections in the past year.

If the siping out of the apartment in Zhuhai: From the frying pan into the fire.

Will not a small pig: And the plague has dared to declare in my Inner Mongolia?? You’re done.

And what about the yellow gem?: My Inner Mongolia will try for the sake of the whole country!

Lilila: popular science sources state that the plague is an infectious disease of class A, commonly known as the Black death. In Inner Mongolia have already been cases of infection around November of last year, but the measures for prevention and control was very good (well for my big Inner Mongolia). Plague is spread by the bites of fleas, rats, respiratory infections and through the skin. The development of the disease is very rapid and the mortality rate is extremely high. Therefore, everyone should observe safety precautions: do not to contact with rodents during the events in the suburbs to avoid contact with patients, promptly report the suspicion of the plague, if you want to use anti flea bites.

Calm mYau meow fishand ancestor _cri: Trust the government to control epidemic! No need to panic! The first thing to pay attention to your own health! Inner Mongolia, fight!