Zelensky: In Donetsk and Simferopol will establish peace bell

The first two will appear in the Luhansk and Transcarpathian regions

President Vladimir Zelensky in his address on the occasion of victory Day over Nazism reported that in Ukraine will be installed four commemorative bells.

He announced the project to establish a memorial symbols in Ukraine, in which are installed four bells – first Bell memory will appear in the village milove in the Luhansk region, on the border with Russia, where yesterday was Zelensky.

“Today, with faith in our purpose, I declare the project of the memorial symbols. In its framework we want to establish in Ukraine four bells. Yesterday I was in Luhansk, at the first village, where 42-year began the liberation of Ukraine. And there will be installed the first bell, the Bell of memory,” said Zelensky.

Today, the President remains in Transcarpathia, where he completed the expulsion of the Nazi invaders.

“Here will be installed the victory Bell. We believe and will do everything to make sure the day came when the two bells: the Bell of peace in Donetsk and the Bell of unity in Simferopol. And at a time when in Ukraine there will be peace and we will refund their people and their land, four bells at the same time will inform about this emblematic event in the history of Ukraine. Each stroke engraved in our minds: “Remember that unity is the key to our peace and our victory,” – said the head of state.

As reported “Today”, yesterday, may 8, in Ukraine was another important date on the occasion of the Second world war – Day of memory and reconciliation. The President of Ukraine went to Lugansk region and visited the village of chalk, where the memorial complex “Ukraine – to liberators” paid tribute to the victims. Also Zelensky addressed on the occasion of Day of memory and reconciliation. He recalled that during the six years of the Second world war killed more than eight million Ukrainians.