In Europe came abnormal cold

Abnormal cold established in the first week of the new year in Europe, writes Deutsche Welle.

In the mountains of Lapland, the thermometer showed about 42 degrees below zero. In some regions of Poland the temperature dropped far beyond minus 20 degrees. Due to the strong cooling in the country only two days died ten people.

In Italy, for Saturday, January 7, victims of the cold were seven people, mostly homeless. Snow drifts paralyzed the work of the two airports. The way for food trucks in the half-ruined by the earthquake of August the town of Amatrice in Central part of the country was battling through the snow for emergency services.

In Germany in the mountainous regions of Bavaria and the temperature reached 26.9 degrees. Ice paralyzed traffic on many highways of the country. In some regions, the authorities appealed to the public not to use cars.

Turkey and the Balkan countries hit by a snow storm. In Istanbul fell to 40 centimeters of snow, and in some regions drifts reach a meter in height. Accompanied by a snowstorm of unprecedented for these places frosts.

The Bulgarian authorities reported the death of three refugees, frozen while crossing the border. Reports about the first victims of the cold comes also from the Czech Republic, Greece and Russia.

Weather forecasters of hydrometeorological centre of the Russian Federation announced in Moscow, the penultimate orange alert level for weather January 8, due to abnormal frosts. The night of Christmas – with a temperature of 29.9 degrees below zero, forecasters called the coldest in the Russian capital for the last 120 years.