Scientists told about the benefits of sexual abstinence

Sexual abstinence can make sex life more intense and varied. According to experts from the University of psychology in Washington, large periods of time between closeness makes the partners feel a strong attraction to each other, writes “Orthodox”.

The researchers note that this practice was used during the Victorian era. Then men for a long time, went Hiking, leaving their wives in the homes of the guard of the family hearth. In addition, a very jealous men invented “chastity belt”, which almost completely excluded the possibility of infidelity and even of self-satisfaction in the period of their absence.

According to experts, this method has a place in modern family realities. During the experiments, and sociological surveys were able to establish that during the period of time between the sex in size from a week to 10 days the couple begins to feel a strong attraction to each other. In addition, the sexual acts become more diverse.

The scientists noted that in this case it is important not to overdo it. Initiative periodic abstinence needs to come from both partners, as in the case of imposing it can result in problems in sexual life.