The researcher’s act of vandalism: it is difficult to understand that a racist can be found in “the little Mermaid” (Politiken, Denmark)

This morning those who went on the Langelinie in Copenhagen, saw the statue “the little Mermaid” appears Racist Fish — “Racist fish.”

However, according to ane Grum-Svensen (Ane Grum-Schwensen), nothing racist in the fairy tale “the little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen there.

Ane Grum-Svensen — curator of the “Odense city Museums”, as well as an employee of the Center Andersen, University of southern Denmark.

“Of course, literary texts in General by nature are such that they can be read under many different angles. However, it is difficult for me to understand that a racist can be found in the Mermaid story,” says Ana Groom of Swensen.

Vandals attacked the little Mermaid on the background of the many discussions about discrimination based on skin color.

This topic was raised in the XIX century, during the life of Andersen. During this time the Danish writer discrimination was also widespread, is reminiscent of ane Grum-Swensen: “He knew about it and even really touched on this topic in several works. For example, in the drama called “Mulatto”, which can also be interpreted in many different ways, but which in any case contributes to the discussion about discrimination based on skin color”.

“Mulatto” tells the story of a man who is neither a black slave, nor a representative of the white privileged class. Because of this, the main character Horatio finds himself a stranger in both worlds.

In recent years, many monuments in Denmark and other countries have become targets of vandals.

It all started after the world witnessed protests over the murder of a black George Floyd in the United States.

First fury fell upon the monuments of former colonizers.