Patrol officers armed with pump-action shotguns and gas grenades

Camera, presented patrol, begin to record not only speeding

5 years ago in Ukraine, a new patrol police. In a new form, for new cars and new criteria for the work. Many of the officers came from civilian occupations questionnaire in 2015 were submitted not only lawyers, but the sellers, the waiters, and one of the questionnaires in the river came from the magician. Despite the fact that many of the patrol was not at first removable shape, the second set, many of them are genuinely proud of their work. By the way, the report about how was sworn patrol, the correspondent of “Today” went with the editorial review. After patrol gave the oath of office on 4 July 2015, we checked on the guard standing next to them on Sophia square, the correspondent of “Today,” sipped a bottle of beer, pulled from his backpack a plastic copy of a service pistol, but none of the patrol then even the comments did not. Only when the reporter lit a cigarette near the building of cops, you received a verbal warning from one of the female police officers.

About how things work in patrol police now, said the chief of patrol of the country police Colonel Evgeny Zhukov. According to him, patrol police of Ukraine plan to arm pump guns for firing rubber bullets and gas grenades, also plan to give cops stun guns.

4 July marks exactly 5 years since the patrol police were given the oath. In many localities they serve now?

– We work in more than 40 settlements of Ukraine. It is the regional centers, small towns and some villages.

– How many field officers now in Ukraine?