Well-known opposition journalist left Russia

Well-known Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko went to the Czech Republic. He said this on his page in social network Facebook.

“There is formirovanie informed opinion that some time I it is better to live outside of our God-kept the homeland”, – he wrote.

Babchenko published a picture of him on crutches, because not so long ago broke her leg and was treated. Under the photo stated that the man in Prague.

Under his post immediately there were hundreds of comments in which the majority supports this decision, since the last time an independent journalist in Russia, made a real hunt for the fact that he spoke critically about everything that is happening in the country.

Earlier Babchenko already asked his subscribers whether he should emigrate from Russia, if offered decent living conditions and work, but never went.

Looks like the last straw that influenced the decision to leave Arcadia, was the barrage of criticism and threats against him after he publicly explained why the crash of the Tu-134 was not a tragedy for him. Then he Bozena Rynska was the only one who expressed a position that does not coincide with the “party line”.

Present your departure, the journalist called the perpetual emigration.