In Russia, revealed Putin’s strategy in Europe

Russia will make provocations, including in Ukraine, creating tensions in Europe, to force the West to negotiate. This opinion was expressed in comments “Apostrophe” Russian opposition Konstantin Borovoy.

According to him, Russia failed to split the West and provocations in Syria only confirmed its unpredictability and inadequacy.

“Technology actions of the Kremlin is to create by means of provocations of various voltages. Any instability helps to pursue a policy of division of Europe and the Western community, to compel the negotiation and response. Roughly speaking, to do everything not to forget about the existence of Russia. New provocations will certainly be. Due to the fact that the Kremlin is weakening, he has no ability to conduct large-scale propaganda campaign, he did not have enough resources on military adventures. And small dirty tricks will continue to be necessary. The most likely place for such mischief is Syria, but not ruled out actions on the territory of Ukraine,” – said Borovoy.

He noted that declared for the G7 sanctions against Russia may be introduced just after new provocations of the Russian Federation.

“Our task now is to wait and try to guess where Russian President Vladimir Putin organized another provocation or a series of provocations. Given such strategy of the Kremlin, should not rely on the promotion of “Normandy and Minsk formats,” because the main technology that is used there by Russia, blackmail”, – said the oppositioner.

He added that Putin is only interested in the solution of one problem — the preservation of his personal power and the power of his group, and for that he should pursue a policy of isolationism.

As reported, the leader of the countries “Big seven” at the summit in Italy agreed that sanctions against Russia will retain and perhaps even strengthen because of the aggressive actions in Ukraine.