How to start to learn English: TOP 5 tips

Knowledge of the English language provides more opportunities, and can also be a big plus in summary for almost any profession.

But for many to begin to learn the language, to cross the line between complete ignorance and the first, albeit small, results is the hardest. The website made the TOP 5 useful tips on how to make the first move.

1. Answer the question “Why am I doing this?”

Before you start, or continue learning English, ask yourself the question – “Why am I doing this?”. Think about it, you do it for yourself, for career development or for somebody else. This will help you to find and maintain motivation.

2. Set a goal

If you know what you are teaching English, setting goals becomes a relatively simple task. For example, you want to travel to English speaking countries. Great. Then your next goal is – “Learn basic English “for survival”. You probably already know many useful phrases and grammar, but poorly understand and speak. Then your goal is to develop these skills. Whatever your goals, write them down.

3. Make a plan

How much time do you need to reach your goal? The answer to this question will be different for everyone. It is important to be realistic. If you are working 60 hours a week, you should not expect to be able to study English 40 hours.

Start gradually, but do it regularly. Learn the materials that require effort, but not too complicated. Find your own format classes.

After a few weeks of classes, tweak your schedule. Do you like to study in the evening, do you remember something if you read on the road? Would you like to study independently or do you prefer group classes?

4. Make a “contract”

Learning a foreign language is a marathon that requires a lot of motivation. Make a “contract” that you will reach your goal, and in any case, don’t break it.

5. Have fun

Best of all, we create things that we enjoy. If studying English, you are going to have fun, then you haven’t found your format.

Keep looking: find partners with whom you will be pleased to learn the language, select the materials that will be of interest to you. Or, for example, come up with your own system of small goals and rewards for achieving them which will help you keep motivated.