How to get in shape for the summer: avoid the five signs of ineffective training

Before the summer less than a month, and to get the desired effect of training does not work. Then you need to pay attention to how you are doing sport.

American fitness expert Brian Bitch called five signs of ineffective training, transfers “modern times”.

According to him, any exercise should bring results, if they are not – this is the main sign that you do not do enough. To improve efficiency, the expert suggests to pay attention to the following signs of too easy training:

1. Every time you perform the same exercises

As explained by fitness expert, if engaged in one scheme a few weeks the body gets used and ceases to effectively burn calories. Therefore, he recommends to change the set of exercises once a month by adding more loads.

2. You long to rest between sets

According to him, on vacation, you should spend no more than minutes, when the load on the upper body and no more than three minutes, when the load on the legs.

3. You do not have heart palpitation

Palpitations testifies to intensive loads that burn calories. If, after cardio your heart beats in the normal rhythm, then you are not working, the expert explains.

4. You easily

If you perform a set of exercise without effort – this indicates the ineffectiveness of the training. As explained by the technician to obtain results it is necessary to constantly increase the load to the muscles was the intension.

5. You don’t keep records of the performed exercises

As the expert says, it is important to record what exercises and how many approaches you have done. It helps to have a set of exercises for another time and show you how to properly form load.