In Ukraine announced a new method of struggle with drivers-infringers

Developed a mobile application that will allow you to tell other people about violations

In Ukraine, on the background of the abolition of criminal liability for drunk driving, develop a mobile application that will allow you to inform the police about others ‘ violations of traffic rules and get rewarded for it.

This was stated avtoyurist Stanislav Kutsenko in the broadcast channel “Ukraine is 24”.

“About photographic images and messages about the neighborhood. I always say that we are evolutionarily still came to this. 15 years ago I was in the US, even if noticed that even in the yards were signs: “the Neighbors are watching you”. It was a fact, it has worked for many years abroad. And we in this evolutionary many years followed,” he said.

Kutsenko said that such applications “have long existed in other countries, in Ukraine they are developed”.

He also said he is sure that these programs will eventually become part of everyday life of Ukrainians.

At the same time, he objected to reports about the offenders they received a reward.

“About the funds – I’m still against it, I didn’t want the Ukrainians did their regular income earned to that has talked about the fact that someone has violated the rules of the road”, – concluded the discussion.