The number of cases COVID-19 in Ukraine has decreased

During the day everything died 12 Ukrainians

During the day as at may 24, coronavirus infecci in Ukraine was confirmed at 406. During the day, 12 people died from infection COVID-19. But the number of infected revealed less compared to the previous day. About it reports a press-service of the Center for public health the Ministry of health.

Thus, a coronavirus infection confirmed in 20 986 people. Since the beginning of the epidemic from infectiondied 617 Ukrainians. To overcome the coronavirus managed 7108 residents of Ukraine.

General ill 1530 children and 4069 of physicians. Outpatients 14 443 patients, of whom 1273 3325 and child care providers. Just needed hospitalization 6543 people, including 257 children and 744 doctors. The connection to the ventilator needed 256 people, including one child and 22 the physician.