Crimea: the Peninsula, twice stolen Russian (Actually, Bulgaria)

Bulgarian newspaper “Fakti” quoted an article in the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah “the Crimea: history of the Peninsula, stolen twice”, where the author compares the annexation of the Crimea in the XVIII century, which shocked the whole world the annexation in 2014. Russian authorities considered the Crimean Tatars unreliable, so they were subjected to deportation and assimilation in confirmation of this the author cites the data of the census of 1897 and 1927, recalls the mass deportation of the Crimean Tatars of 1944 and the Declaration of the Supreme Executive body of Crimean Tatars outside the law. Despite the generous investment on the part of Russia, the economic situation in the Crimea is poor, so most silently hoped that someday, Russia will lose power over the Peninsula, and continues to live in fear.



Dry, dry, th dance!

Just who writes these stupid things. If you cut the text, leaving only the anger and the weakness. The Peninsula was Russian and I will continue


Come on, where are those idiots who will now tell how all was actually.


But somehow the world is not shocking that the Americans robbed here and there, are continuing the war and destroy entire regions, whence then come the refugees, not shocking that they are everywhere, wherever trod, poison the air and water.

no name no face no number

The Crimea became Russian, not to become a NATO, only a madman would let the enemy into your home. It would be funny if there was a mixed Russian-NATO military port. The Russians did what was necessary, so Bravo.


As you sow, so shall you reap.

Dr. Agostino Neto

Crimea can be Bulgarian, or Ottoman, or Russian. But he obviously doesn’t belong to the Ukrainians, because until recently, this state does not exist.

Baba Vanga

Russia will soon return the three areas that begin with “K”: Crimea, the Kuril Islands and Kaliningrad oblast.


USA cranked these numbers are already 50 times. Without referendums. And in countries where, among the residents there was not one American.

MRSA debili

So any territory a few centuries ago belonged to another state!


Little Russian asks his mother: Mom, how, racism, or Russism?— Son, if you hate blacks is racism, and if you hate the world — then Russism.

Up to 50

There is no sinless people, but there are people whose mission is a great cause. Russian — the kind of people, but not because Wang said, but because of the victory of the people is celebrated all over the world. 9 may is celebrated even in Israel, because the Russians saved Jews. It’s hard to call them incompetent, because this is ridiculous — we studied the works of their scientists in schools, the same periodic table. And what about space, about composers, about the beauty of their women, the Slavs, in principle, it makes no sense to explain it. They just refute Darwin’s theory, unlike the others.